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The Missing Link

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Now I can help you complete that family tree for free!

Why? Because, I like helping people.
How? I'm a pack rat! I have saved every tidbit of information I have come across. I now have over a million names in my database.
Where did those names come from? All the information I have came from various US Census Reports, Marriage CD's, Death Records, SSDI, and other people's GEDCOM files.

How it works!

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Email Me! with any info you need and I'll search my database for you. I'm having problems with my form. (any help?) But anyways, email me and I'll get back to you!
Check out the Matching Links page. See if someone else is searching the same name you are. You can also list your email address by using the request form.
Check out my other page: The Crazy House!
If you've been here before, and just want to write me or if you have complaints, or suggestions, feel free to write. I love getting mail!
If I can't help you now, I will save your name and something may come up later. I am constantly adding info to my data on a regular basis. I will accept any documented information you would like to share. I will also accept any GEDCOM files you have, just attach them to your email, and let me know if it is from a pc or mac.

An Encouraging Word:1 Corinthians 15:58- My dear friends, stand firm & don't be shaken, always keep busy working for the Lord. you know that everything you do for Him is worthwhile.

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