TractorvilleUSA is in the process of moving from this page at Geocities to a new server. This will facilitate alot of new improvements such as a
Question & Answer Board, a Tractor Chat, and more. This just wasn't possible here at Geocities. Sometime in the near future (30 days or so)
This page will no longer function and the new page at will be it's permenent home. I am sorry for any
inconvienence this may cause but I know the new features will offset any inconvienences this move may have caused. Thankyou to all of our
loyal friends, you have made Tractorville worth doing. Our hats off to Geocities for its excellent service.
The above link to the New Tractorville page has been corrected. Sorry!

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TractorvilleUSA gets much needed face lift

The biggest piece of news to hit this page, IS this page.
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The second biggest piece of news is the ability to search
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Minnie-Mo where are you?

Minneapolis-Moline IS coming!
I thank you for your patience.

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