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We experienced a lot of problems with the guestbook and have had to start all over. If you've signed before, please check if your message is still there, you may need to sign again. Great to see who's been visiting!

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Welcome back to Cheryl's Craft Page!
This page was updated in early June, 1997.
Hope you enjoy this site & visit often.
Father's Day crafts have now been added to the Kids Crafts Page. All
parents appreciate gifts made especially for them!

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I enjoy hearing from people who visit my site. Why not drop me an
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Have any crochet patterns or kids craft ideas you want to share? Send
them to me & I may use them in future updates!

Children's crafts are still a main focus. Visit that page to see more craft ideas to help keep the children busy.




Crocheting is a hobby I've had for over 25 years. In the future I'm planning to share some of my favorite crochet patterns with you.

A crochet page was added last fall. It now contains a new pattern for lacy Snowflakes you can stiffen and hang on the window, or save for the tree next Christmas. The Snowflakes are easy to make and are great to tuck into cards to out of town friends and relatives.

Happy Crafting!!!!


If you want to send me an E-Mail, I'd love to hear from you!

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