Interested in the Exotic? Try Spotted!

With a pattern that resembles a combination of tiger and leopard and a body form like the cheetah, these graceful domestic cats bring a bit of the wild indoors.

As the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat, Maus are characterized by their distinctive pattern. Their markings are a combination of barring on the legs and tail which ends with a dark tip. The shoulder bars break into spots in a random placement on long bodies. The Mau has a unique "belly flap," a loose fold of skin that extends from the flank to the back knee. This allows the Mau greater extension and increases its quickness and grace.

Today's Mau bears an uncanny resemblance to cats that are pictured in ancient Egyptian art. It is known that the cat played an important part in the history of Egypt and was deified and worshiped there. Tomb paintings show spotted cats playing with royalty and illustrate the role that the cat played in Egyptian society.

Maus are intelligent cats that enjoy the company of people and other animals. Maus are very family oriented and bond tightly to their households. They express their emotions with a series of sounds that are described as chortling, along with treading and wiggling their tails. Mau breeders are always happy to talk about the delights of owning a "descendent of royalty." Please visit the breeders to see our new kittens or check the show calendar to get more information about meeting a Mau in "purr-son."

Although it is the Mau's striking appearance that first attracts admirers, it is the Mau's personality that endears them to their owners. Once having lived with a Mau, it is difficult to imagine living without one.

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