Ottawa Jewish Community Cemetery

Posted: 26 September 1998
Updated: 2 May 2000

Thank's to Jerrold Landau who photographed some family gravesites in the Ottawa Jewish Community Cemetery in early summer 1998. Click on the pictures to see them.

Itta Cohen
Solomon Epstein's mother

Louis Rosenfeld
Sadie Rosenfeld's father
(right picture is detail of English engraving)

Fruma Esther Rosenfeld
Sadie Rosenfeld's mother

Solomon (Shneur Zalman) Epstein

Aunt Fanny & Uncle Louis Rachlin

Uncle Sam Epstein

grave12x.jpg (5585 bytes)
Samuel Cohen
Brother of Solomon Epstein

  grave11x.jpg (6002 bytes)
Kasriel Cohen
Brother of Solomon Epstein

grave13x.jpg (6666 bytes)
Charles Cohen
Solomon's first cousin

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