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Here's the place for pictures from our origins.
If you have any Epstein historical pictures you'd like to share with the family, we'd love to show them.

Updated: 17 May 1997

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Front from left: Yetta Cohen - mother of Solomon Epstein, Kasriel Cohen - brother of Solomon Epstein
Back from left: Aida Cohen - Solomon Epstein's sister, Rifka Cohen - Kasriel's wife

Solomon Epstein in South Africa

Solomon Epstein in Canada

Solomon & Sadie's Wedding Picture
Taken 6 months after their wedding,
when Sadie was pregnant with Aunt Goldie

Abba Leib Rosenfeld
The hat was added to this picture of Bubbie Sadie's father by an artist,
since you couldn't see his kippa in the picture.

Ottawa 1921
From left, Uncle Gabe, Uncle Harry,
Bubbie, Aunt Bunny and Uncle Mike

Carlsbad Springs
Back from left: 2 hotel guests, Sadie and Solomon Epstein, Uncle Harry, guest
Front from left: Aunt Bunny holding child, Aunt Hynda

Carlsbad Springs Hotel, Summer 1939
Bubbie's Mom, Fruma Esther Rosenfeld with Uncle Mike behind her.

Fruma Esther Rosenfeld

House in Carlsbad Springs before it became a hotel in 1932

Aunt Hynda and Uncle Willie's Wedding
Summer 1949
Bottom from left: Aunt Fanny, Aunt Goldie, Bubbie, Aunt Hynda, Uncle Willie, Willie's twin brother Emil, Aunt Helen, Aunt Faye
Middle: Baila Sacksner, Uncle Moe, Aunt Elaine, Esther Rocky Sacksner, Razel Emerson, Uncle Joe, Uncle Harry, Great Uncle Dave
Top: Uncle Mike, Seyma Sacksner, Lyon Sacksner, David Sacksner

Aunt Bunny, Uncle Harry, Aunt Hynda
166 Stewart St. Ottawa

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