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2 May 2000

About a year ago, Jerrold Landau made was contacted by a member of a long lost South African branch of the Sacksners.  Here, in the words of Eli Goldstein, a member of that family branch, is the story of the family, and how contact was made.

2 May 2000

A while back, Sharon Handler met a woman in shul in Ramot Jerusalem who came from Montreal.  After a little Jewish geography, they figured out that they were distant cousins.

Brenda Caplan's grandfather was the first cousin of Solomon Epstein.  Solomon's brother Kasriel was instrumental in bringing him over from Europe.

You can see a picture of Brenda and her husband Tom Caplan at Aunt Hynda and Uncle Willie's 50th anniversary party.  They are standing second & third from the right, next to Joey Epstein.

2 May 2000

Jerrold has added a few pictures from the Ottawa Cemetary of Samuel, Kasriel and Charles Cohen.   Samuel and Kasriel were Solomon Epstein's brothers.

25 April 2000

From Stephen Epstein:

Alison & I leave Sunday morning to Poland to photograph the March of the Living and update the March web site. David Zvi will join us in Israel 10 days later. We will be uploading photos to the March of the Living site every time we can get an Internet connection.

You can follow the trip by checking: http://www.marchoftheliving.org. We will also have a special file called: http://www.thebigdipper.net/mol/epstein.html that we will use for photos of us so that David Zvi can see us daily. You are invited to take a look aswell.

If you need to get a hold of us, you can write to us at: stevy@marchoftheliving.org

Be well,

Stevy & Alison

19 April 2000

I've been going through some pictures that I had scanned in the past, but never posted.   Here's a picture of the Israeli family from Aunt Hynda and Uncle Willie's 50th anniversary party in May 1999.  Here's a picture of Sybil Wigdor z"l with her grandson Yehuda Wigdor.

19 April 2000

Welcome to the new redesigned web site.  It should be easier to find things, and the pages will load faster.  Especially check out the "What's going on with..." and the "Simcha's" pages, which now use frames.  Enjoy it.

18 April 2000

Take the Epstein Picture Quiz.  Guess who's in the pictures.

3 May 1999

From Connie Putterman:

Click here for a picture of Ely Golden being held by his dad, David.

29 April 1999

From Jonathan Golden & Cathy Giordano:

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our first child, Ariella Roslyn.  Ariella was born on Friday April 23rd in Toronto and weighed 7lbs. 3 oz.  She's absolutely beautiful (not that we are biased), and seems much more well rested than her parents.  What a joy to have her in our home and in our lives.

Jonathan Golden & Cathy Giordano

15 April 1999

From Connie Putterman / David Golden:

Ely Dov Golden has arrived!!!

We are thrilled to announce that our son Ely, was born on Monday April 5, 1999 (right on his due date) at Women's College Hospital in Toronto. His birthweight was 6lbs,14 ozs but I think he has well surpassed this (the way he eats!) We are amazed to have him in our lives and truely in awe of him. We will be sending pictures over the internet soon.


Connie and David

29 March 1999

Try out two Pesach recipes contributed by Cynthia Dachowitz, from the cookbook of her mother, Seyma Sacksner Dachowitz z"l.

21 March 1999

Jerrold Landau found this article about Aunt Eva in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.

21 March 1999

If you want to get all the family updates, and be able to send updates to the whole family, sign up for the Epstein Family Mailing List.  There's a link to the signup site at the top of the Wired Epsteins page.

21 March 1999

From Jerrold Landau:

Mazel tov to Eli and Gila Rachlin on the birth of their firstborn daughter, Shira Chaya on Friday March 12, in the Bronx, New York.  Mother and daughter are all fine.  Mazel Tov to third time grandparents Bernie and Sara Rachlin, and to second time grandparents Irving and Toby Goldstein. Mazel Tov to the three great-grandmothers Etka Aberback, Mrs. Goldstein, and Mrs. Nyer.

Shira Chaya is most delighted to share her birthday with her three year old first cousin, Rachel Landau.

19 March 1999

A message from Dena Trugman:

My mom, Razel Solow, and my dad, Joel Trugman, want to invite the whole family to my Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat, May 29, 1999 here in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Snail mail invitations will follow.  If anyone has any immediate questions, she/he may contact my mom at res9w@virginia.edu.

15 January 1999

Stanley Emerson has written some additions to Uncle Joe's story about the Epstein family car.  You can find the annotated story here.

27 December 1998

A message from David Fink:

Ayelet and I are the proud parents of a baby daughter, Hila Yona Fink. She was born on Shabbat Miketz, Rosh Chodesh Chanuka, 19 December 1998 in Jerusalem at 2:15PM, and weighed in at birth at 3.130kg.  Pictures are here.

6 December 1998

Condolences to the whole family on Uncle Joe's passing on November 25, 1998, at the age of 93, in Toronto.  His grandson David Golden's hesped is in the memorial page.

6 December 1998

Condolences to Phil Wigdor, Ari Vigdor and Cathy Glazer, on the passing of Phil's mother, Mrs. Ida Wigdor, on November 26, 1998 , at the age of 90, in Montreal.

6 October 1998

Mazal Tov to Mark and Stacey Silverman on the birth of Sarah Gayle Silverman on 8:47 am, 26 September, at 7 lbs. 7 oz.  Mazal Tov also to grandparents Rocky and Herb Silverman.

26 September 1998

Here are some pictures that Jerrold Landau took of family graves in the Ottawa Jewish Cemetery.  You can reach this page in the future through the "Memorials" page.

19 September 1998

Let's all welcome Naomi Sharp, the daughter of Uncle Gabe, and her 3 daughters to the Wired Epsteins.  To find out more, click here.

19 September 1998

A message from Marty Rosen:

Suri & I, along with David, Michael, Techiya, Kaylee and Shalva are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our new daughter/sister Aliza Naomi Rosen on erev shabbos the 20th of Elul / Friday September 11 at 2:35 pm, a healthy 8 lbs. 7 ozs. (a new Rosen record).
Everyone is doing great.
Wishing you all a year full of health, good things and blessings.

6 September 1998

Mazel to Tamar and Eli Seeman, who gave birth to a baby boy, Avraham Yishayahu, on Friday, at 5:00PM Israel time.  Mother and baby are all well.   Eli reports that the baby looks like Tamar, with gingy hair.   Mazel tov to first time grandparents Zalman and Ilana Emerson, and to first time great-grandparents Uncle Joe and Aunt Helen Emerson.  May the baby be raised Letorah Lechupa Ulemaasim Tovim.

15 April 1998

Here's a great picture of Aunt Eva Epstein (and of Rachel Meira Landau).

19 February 1998

Stevy Epstein gives us an update on his life.

16 February 1998

Jerrold Landau has been working on project that translates yizkor books (books written by holocaust survivors on their former shtetls in Europe) into English. The project has a web site at http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translations.html.

8 February 1998

Find out about our "long lost" cousins, the Zelikovitz's. Also, the Epstein Family Web Site is now featured in the web page of "Famous Epsteins".

4 February 1998

See pictures of Sharon Handler's wedding, and hear about Jerrold and Tzippy Landau's new baby boy.

29 May 1997

Aunt Bunny has a tribute to her daughter Esther Fink, on the occasion of her 10th yartzheit. Racheli Epstein has made a presentation for her brother David Zvi's Bar Mitzva.

19 May 1997

Check out recipes from Bubbie Sadie's kitchen. And find out our family roots on the Genealogy Page. Find out what is happening with Cynthia Dachowitz, Ben Sanders, and family. See an expanded and improved Photo Album, with pictures of 3 of 4 parents of Solomon and Sadie.  See a picture of Aunt Hynda and Uncle Sam in their prime.

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