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Greetings from Liz, Allen and Emily!

Dear Birth Parent,

Hello! We are Allen Halsell and Liz Erickson. Our daughter, Emily, was born in 1998 and we have a great relationship with her birth family. Please enjoy our site.

At Emily's Adoption

At Emily's Adoption (L to R):
Aunt Kim, Mommy Helen, Helen's son Benjamin, Allen, Liz and Emily!

Our marriage is based on trust, honesty and a sense of fun. We've tried to teach all these things to Emily. Based on how fun she is so far it seems to be working! Liz's sister is also adopted, and we have friends on all sides of the adoption triangle. Because we've seen it first-hand, we know you are making a hard but loving choice, and we honor you for it.

Please take some time to get to know us! The four links below will take you on a "guided tour" of our lives, and we've made more pages for various members of our family and Emily's birth family.

On the Slide

Emily surprising us on the slide ;)

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