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This site is about ME!

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You will find this site to be vary informative, especially if you are intrested in what I do with my life.

My favorite musical of all time, If you couldn't tell I am majoring in Theatre

HOLD EVERYTHING! The greatest movie ever has just been released, and if you don't see it, YOU WILL MISS OUT! This is a command everyone reading this site must see TITANIC!

I am also involved in young life!

I am majoring in Theatre at Emory and Henry, check out the site, it's cool.

I am also Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1 in Abingdon, Check out the site, I designed it myself, (don't hold it against the rest of my troop)

Click any of the links, I'm just proud to be a member!

Hey this a good friend of mine's homepage check it out it rules!

Click on the REPUBLICAN SYMBOL to go to my Bob Dole and Garth Brooks site

This is my driver's license picture, it got me off a ticket the police officer was laughing so hard. I hope you laugh as much as he did. Click my face to see other neat pictures!

Click the eye to go to a site dedicated to Robin Williams, John Candy, and Steve Martin!

Click Here if you want to take the IQ TEST!

A special thanks to DOM DELUISE for posing for these pictures!

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