Emily of New Moon Frequently Asked Questions and Fun Facts

Birthdays And - Or Ages

Martha MacIsaac (Emily) was born in 1984.

Jessica Pellerin (Ilse) was born on February 10th, 1987.

Kris Lemche (Perry) - was born in August 1978.

Shawn Roberts (Teddy) - was born in October 1983.

Stephen McHattie (Cousin Jimmy) was born on February 3rd., 1947.

Sheila McCarthy (Aunt Laura) was born in 1946.

. Susan Clark (Aunt Elizabeth) was born on March 8th., 1940.

John Neville (Uncle Malcolm) was born on May 2nd., 1925.

Linda Thorson (Cousin Isabel) was born on June 18th., 1947.

Where can I learn more about L. M. Montgomery the author of the Emily books?

L M Montgomery Institute ~ information about LMM, information on how to join the kindred spirits list, and more

L M Montgomery in Rainbow Valley ~ A Resource Page

Where can I buy the Emily books online?


(and many, many other online bookstores, eBay, Half.com, etc.)

Can I read Emily of New Moon, and other books by L M Montgomery online?

Yes! A list of LMM's books online can be found here

Where can I buy the Emily videos online?


Salter Street Films Online Shop


Where was Emily filmed?

Prince Edward Island - some information about some of the filming sites can be found below:

Location List For Emily of New Moon; Seasons I, II, & III

Where can I learn more about Prince Edward Island?

Official Website of the Goverment of Prince Edward Island

Virtual Tours of Prince Edward Island

Is Emily of New Moon being shown in countries other then Canada?

Yes! It's been shown in many countries, but I don't know how many...or where it is currently airing...

Is Emily being shown in the USA?

Emily aired on WAM! and MoviePLEX for several years in the US, but is not airing in the USA now. (as of early 2003)

Where are the actors and actresses of Emily of New Moon from?

Martha MacIsaac - Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Kris Lemche - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Stephen McHattie - Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Susan Clark - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

John Neville - London, England

Linda Thorson - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Where can I write to the stars of Emily of New Moon?

The addresses I know of can be found here

Why did Susan Clark leave the series?

In the Winter 97-98 issue of the Avonlea Traditions Chronicle there was an article that says:
"Apparently, Clark wanted very much to play Aunt Elizabeth and campaigned successfully for the role. Unfortunately, she was unavailable for filming of the second season due to family reasons. Her character's absence will be explained away as lost at sea, during which time another character will take her place, leaving the door open for Clark to return if the series is renewed for a third season."
The other character(s) who "took her place" are Uncle Malcolm and Cousin Isabel Murray. Susan Clark *was* in the third season of Emily, *but* only in one episode and she didn't play Aunt Elizabeth! See the season 3, episode guide for more information about this episode :) This is the only episode she was in after she left the series. (except in flashbacks)

How many episodes are there of Emily of New Moon?

46 episodes... (13 episodes per season for the first three seasons. 7 episodes for season 4.)

Was Emily of New Moon cancelled? (and why?)

Leila Basen at Salter St. Films gave me this information in February (2000) confirming the news of the cancellation. She said that it was "unfortunately true about Emily and that they found out about the cancellation on Tuesday (Feb. 15th.)" In my opinion, I think the series was cancelled partly due to ratings. (and the fact that CBC kept putting off airing the third and fourth seasons) As of early 2000, Salter Street Films was considering an Emily movie to continue the show, but I have not heard anything else about that in months.

What awards has Emily of New Moon won or been nominated for?

Emily has been nominated for Gemini Awards in both 1998, and 1999. More information about these awards can be found here.

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