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As of October 1999 please visit my new family site at:

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Tracy and I spend my days as a software project manager. See my resume for more information.

If you need to speak to me, the fastest way is email during the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and voice mail other times. I return email and voice mail as soon as I can so if you don't hear from me within a few hours try the other method. I am also available on Excite PAL as "tracy(at)".

For fun I surf the 'net, design Web pages, run the greyhounds, play with my sons and tickle my husband. I've also been known to grow African Violets from seed, garden organically, moderate the newsgroup, participate in my Attachment Parenting mailing lists and sew my own clothes. Weekends you can usually find me with my family gardening, sewing or lounging around the house. If you'd like to chat about my "real" life contact me at tracy(at)

Family pictures and news

All of these are graphics heavy and might take up to 10 minutes to load.

The big news for 1997: A new addition to the family! Welcome Timothy Albert Raymond Murphy!

Here are some summer pictures of us. Summer 1997, about 1/2 dozen pictures!

Me and my scanner: Pictures from our Monterey vacation and more right here.

This now works: Christmas pictures! Timothy's first Christmas and our first Christmas in a house!

And, our spring break pictures. We had a great time!

Fall 1998 pictures. A busy time for all of us!


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My current work

My Résumé

Kid Stuff Mailing lists, reading list, homebirth info,, etc.

Greyhound Information Adoption info, A Breed Apart pointers


My current work

Bear River Associates, Inc.
Services Group
505 14th Street, Ste. 600
Oakland, CA


My Résumé

I'm a project manager overseeing various software development projects.


What to see our Virtual Fridge? Check out a bunch of Thomas' art posted.

Are you interesting in Attachment Parenting and Natural choices in birthing and parenting? Drop me a line if you're interested in two very small lists for these discussions.

After a year of difficult and rewarding work our dedicated group has created Almost 30 people put in enormous amount of time to create a group that should be supportive and interesting for parents. I'm one of the 10 moderators. To submit posts you can go through your newsreader (request the addition of if you can't find it by "get new newsgroups") or directly to the moderation team at: Submit articles to mkm-submit(at) Contact the moderators at mkm-request(at)

Having a baby? or Raising a kid? Tom and Tracy's Pregnancy and Childbirth Reading list. We compiled this while I was pregnant with Thomas Russell. As he grows, so does the list and it now includes info on childrearing. One section of the booklist is on homeschooling books.
The other great place for pregnancy and childbirth books is ALACE home page. ALACE is a support and recourse group for labor support and birth educators.

We had a homebirth this time around. Here are a couple of cool places to visit if you're interested:

Homebirth. Make sure you check out the homebirth stories (Timothy's will be there soon).

The Home Birth Choice on Midwifery Today's pages.

Nick Stanton's (nearly famous) Home Birth Page. Nick runs the homebirth mailing list I was on (and loved).


[b&w greyhound]

The Greyhounds

S'more and Cammie are always willing to meet new people and I'm always willing to answer greyhound questions, but start with these links to Greyhound information:

Interested in adopting a retired racing greyhound? Here's a list of rescue organizations (S'more and Cammie came from Homes For Hounds in Oregon). Read this Advice for the New Owner, too. This site has lots of great adoption info and great graphics!

Homes For Hounds Home Page. The story of how S'more came to live with us, a copy of their adoption contract and our reasons for adopting from Homes For Hounds. I'm now assisting with adoptions in the San Francisco bay area. Contact me at for more information.

ABAP gif
A Breed Apart E-Zine has fun and informative greyhound news and links to everything you need to know about greyhounds.

September 1995: I wrote an article asking Are you ready to adopt? Which outlines questions you should ask of a potential adoption agency and of yourself before you adopt. There's also an updated (October 1998) version of this at "New and Improved".

December 1995: I wrote an article Safe for the Holidays with ideas on how to keep you and your greyhounds safe through the holiday eating, drinking, decorating and traveling season.

January 1996: I wrote an article about Greyhounds and Apartments with hints and tips on how to fold those long legs into your average sized apartment.

October 1997: This time about Babies and Greyhounds. It chronicles some of the funny things that have happened to Thomas and S'more (and Tom and Goblin).


Last updated 15 January 1998

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