My Friends

Friends are people who are there for you in both good times and bad times, who listen and care, people you can have fun with and people you can truely trust. It doesn't matter whether they are friends you know in real life, or whether they are friends on the internet, they are still friends. It is to these kind of people that I dedicate this page to :)

"Enemies come, enemies go. But friends accumulate. You can't buy them or sell them. They are the most valuable thing you can have. Yet you do not own them!" - Author Unknown

My Boyfriend Derek - Love Him With All My Heart

Kevin aka Firefox

Nicole aka Flocky - Luv yA! (get a homepage flocky *G*)

Vicki- A nutcase but a good friend :)

Lindsay - Horsenut and Storywriter :)

Jackie - Known for a long time, good friend of mine :)