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These poems may not be the greatest, they may not be anywhere near masterpieces, but to me, they are what I feel in my heart, and that is what matters. I write them sometimes when I am feeling sad, angry, happy or any other emotion. To me poetry is something you can only write when you are truely experiencing an emotion, you cannnot just write a poem just because you've been told to. It's something I only do when I feel like doing it. I can't do it when made to. These poems are usually about various people in my life and what I feel about them. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Reflection Sometimes
Why Pull The Strings On The Puppet
Throw Away Is It Too Much To Ask?
Forever a Friend Lessons
Wishes Forget You
Still My True Friend Light In My Life
Whatever You Do Can't You See?
You Are Like... Can't Fight This Feeling
I Thought Masks
3 Words True Friends, I Thought.
Will We Still Be? You Took It All Away
Too Afraid Can't Handle The Pain
Lost Dreams In The Stars Above
All I Ever Wanted Overtaking My Mind
When You Tell Me Storming Rain
My Dear Friend Where Am I?
Break Through

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