A New England Genealogy

Ancestry of Pam & Jeff Martin

To Forget One's Ancestors
Is To Be A Brook Without A Source
A Tree Without A Root

(Chinese Proverb)


Genealogy has been a hobby of Jeff's for the past 25 years. Over this period of time he has collected hundreds of pages of information on his and his wife's (Pam's) ancestry. Much of this information is provided here (more will be uploaded as time permits). A new bit of technology has been added as Jeff received a new scanner for his birthday and now images of primary documents, maps and photos will be added to these pages. One of our pet peeves is the fact that so much information is available out there in researchers hands, however, little good genealogical research is available on the web other than for genealogical indexes or Gedcoms. One of the reasons we are putting this information on the web is to stimulate publication of good, solid, well documented, genealogical research on the Internet for all to share. We feel as though web publication is no different than publication in a more traditional medium and the same standards for historical research should apply here. So there... enough of our soapbox.

We have divided our information into two pages... this URL for Jeff's ancestry and /mainegenie2/ for Pam's (gives us equal space... keeps the competition for megabytes to a minimum!).

To access information you can click on either ahnentafel below or on Martin or Nunan (the latter two will bring you to information concerning our immediate families and you can go from there!). There is also a bibliography of all the references cited throughout this work (if we get ambitious perhaps we will make links from the citations to the bibiography). The last part of this page is a section concerning Jeff's practice... this will give information concerning his office practice of family medicine as well as a few links... medical as well as genealogical and a few others.

Although this work is a compilation of data concerning our family's ancestry it is to be used as a reference tool for those of you seeking your own family origins. An ernest attempt has been made to use primary sources where ever possible and reliable secondary sources only to fill in the gaps, however, the information provided is far from complete and probably contains much mis-information. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that all information obtained from this or any genealogy be compared to the original records and if mistakes are found or if more information is available PLEASE let us know! If you do wish to send information (which I hope you will) it is imperative that you give your sources otherwise the information will be useless to us and future ancestor hunters.

Links to other areas on this page.

About Jeff's Practice... and a few links


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