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Welcome to our spot on the Web.
We hope your visit will be enjoyable.
Please kick off your shoes and stay awhile.
I was adopted at Wendy's Place!
 For it isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it.
Eleanor Roosevelt
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Tribute to my Dad 
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Our Prayer for the Leaders
Our Prayer for America
Our Prayer for the Earth
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Please Pray for Ashley

A Leader Making a Difference
Bicycling with God The Man in the Glass
Broken Toys Momentary Reminder
I Have Learned Mrs. Thompson
The Chrysalis of Love You Are an Original
Cliches Playing the Game
Climbing the Lake Precious Time
Our Deepest Fear To Risk
Surrender Rules
Death of an Innocent A Simple Gesture
Words from Albert Einstein A Story Written by Sister Mrosia
Notions Special Occasions
The Hundreth Monkey Principles of Individual Transformation
Children - from "The Prophet" The Village of 100
Lamplighters Its Up To You
Live Today The Window
Comes the Dawn The Cocoon
The Little Boy Who Had Lunch with God Some More Sayings



 Aids Awareness Page
American Renaissance Alliance
Amnesty International Online
Angel Land
Angels for Peace
Angel Messages
Barbarian's Online Tests
Bearded Wolf
Cardigan's Words of Wisdom
Care for the Planet
Celebrate World Peace 2000
Celebration of Oneness Center
Charitable Choices
A Circle of Life
Connecting with Nature
Dolphin and Whale Web Sites
Dream Emporium
Dream Keeper
 Earth Day '98
Earth Echo
Endangered Species of the World
Enlightenment, Love and Liberation, One Breath at a Time
Enoch's Vision Gallery
Eye of the Sacred Wind
Fantasy Realm
First Church of Cyberspace
Garden of Purple Rose
Global Visions
Green Solitaire, Environmentalism on the Internet Made Easy
Greenpeace U.S.A.
Healing from the Good Earth
Heart and Soul
HOW Recovery Resources Online
The Hunger Project
The Inner Voice
Kahlil Gibran
Light of the Spirit
Lightcom Art Gallery
LightShift 2000
Lizard's Works
Local Artists: World Visions
Marianne Williamson's Official Web Site
Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream
The Meadow
Meditate Now!
Mountain Man Graphics
Myst Zone
The NAMES Project Foundation: AIDS Memorial Quilt
The Natural Child Project
New Age Insight Cards
New Civilization Network
OneWorld Online
Pathways to Peace
People for Peace
Poems from the Planet Earth
Primal Spirit
Peace Guy's Homepage for Peace
Peace Ideas
Peace is Possible
The People's Cyber Nation
The POW/MIA Page
Quotable Quotes
The Rainbow Maker Home Page
Sacred Transformations
Save the Earth
Sites of Beauty
Sites with Soul
Social Activist's Site for World Peace
Spiritual Endeavors
Spirit of Now
Spirit Web
Spiritual Growth: Mysticism and Human Potential
A Touch of Spirit's Links
Transformation Network
Two Billion Voices for Peace
United Nations Home Page
"We the People's" Initiative: Uniting Our Strengths
The Wisdom and Spirituality of Kahlil Gibran
Wish Only Well (WOW) Project
Wise Women of the Web
Yitzhak Rabin - Memory of a Peacemaker
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 Cool Graphics on the Web
Cougar Web Graphics
Dog Byte
The Dog House
Finger Prints and Paws
Free Zone
The Graphic Hut
Gini's Connoisseur Collection
Yak's Grafx Page
Graphics by Susie
HTML Goodies
Jenny and Bryon's Homepage
Keepers Free Graphics
Kristie's Place in Cyberspace
The Lady's HTML Tips and Tricks
The Last Midi Page
Mamadayski's Quilts and Stuff
The Midi Place
Midi World International
Over the Rainbow
Sheila's Been Piddlin'
Sherriberry Graphics
Texture Land
Totally Nutz: The Webmaster's Oasis
Top 100 Midi Sites

A Few Java Links
Java Applet Gallery
Java Boutique
Java Home Page
Some of our Special Friends
Alan J.
Chris K.
Foundation for A Course in Miracles
Habitat for Humanity International
Kelly J.
Lifespring Corporate Office
Lifespring Mid-Atlantic Regional Center
ManKind Project
The Pathwork Guide Lectures (Pathwork Center)
Snow Princess' Single Parent Friends
Unity Church of Christianity


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