Holy Mary Shrine

This shrine located in Golden Meadow, Louisiana was erected by Mr. Joffery J. Cochennic. This is his story:

Golden Meadow, Louisiana
July 14, 1988

In 1974 I was selling insurance and had the habit of stopping in Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church in Golden Meadow, Louisiana where I live, to say some prayers.

One day while I was praying in the first pew close to the Blessed Sacrament, I asked Jesus and Mary that I would so much like to see her. The moment I asked, I felt her present in Church. I raised my head to look where the statues were and they were not there anymore, and she was standing where the statues had been. She was so beautiful that there is no way I can describe her beauty. She looked at me and I looked at her. Her eyes were a beautiful deep blue. She looked like she was about twenty years old. She was about five feet eight inches tall, and that's what I had her carved out of a red cypress tree. After a while I put my head down and thanked God and her and when I raised my head again, the statues were back in place and she was not there anymore. I went home and told my wife Kate about what happened to me in Church and that I would build a shrine for her. Since then, I've built the Holy Mary Shrine in her honor.

Bishop Boudreaux blessed the shrine the first time on April 30, 1981 and has blessed it every year when he comes for the blessing of the shrimping fleet.

Many people stop and take pictures of the shrine and also pray.

Mrs. Kate Bourg Cochennic
passed away on December 22, 2001. She is sadely missed by Mr. Joffery and her family and friends. Orbituary

Update: Mr. Chochennic is still trying to get all of the tile down. He bought beautiful pinkish ceramic (I think) tiles to lay in the shrine. He finished the araa near the shrine going out about 5 feet. It is a rather large area and he is getting older, God will provide someone to help him finish laying them down.
I was talking to Mr. Cochennic a while ago (8/3/04) and told me he was cleaning the shrine today and he was on top of the building arouond the statue. He could feel the presence of the Blessed MOther as he did his work. It gave him comfort and protected him. Imagine an 89 year old man on top of a building cleaning it. He is amazing.

The files listed below tell about the shrine and some are testemonials by people who have been blessed by their presence at the shrine.

Mr. & Mrs. Cochennic.
The Blessing of the Shrine.
Mrs. Robert Sonnier.
Annette Cheramie.
Velma Wunstell.
Fred Collins.
My Letter to the Pope Jan, 25, 1983
October 6, 1983.
February 6, 1990.
September 11, 1994.
October of 1994.
The Holy and Blessed Trinity
The Living Rosary
The Cross
Michael Callais
Bishop Warren Boudreaux
Testemional by Sherry St.Pierre
Eyes .. July 17, 1996
Prayer to St.Joseph
David Loupe .. September 23, 1999

Zeke Duet ... 1997

Pictures of the Shrine ... Spring 2002

Judy Duet ... May 16,2002

Chet Louivere ... January 24, 2003

Mr. Cochennic is 89 years old (young really). His date of birth is December 27, 1914. (I have an awful memeory now that I am a senior citizen so I typed it here and I won't forget again.) He has paid for the building of this shrine. He is still working on it. The protective covering is up and shields those who come to pray at the shrine. He is now working on putting tile to cover the concrete. He has purchased the tile and has covered the part right around the shrine. He told me, Judy Duet, his knees couldn't take it anymore. He said, "God will provide one." Someone will come to help him.

If you would like to make a donation for the improvements and upkeep of the shrine please send it to Mr. Cochennic. You must use snail mail to contact Mr. Cochennic, because he has no computer. His address is:

Mr. Joffery J. Cochennic, Sr.
405 N. Bayou Drive
Golden Meadow, Louisiana 70357-2717


Awarded by Anita's Angels 11/7/98
Thank you Anita!

Awarded 11/7/98

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Updated Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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