Pacific Crest: The Cockatiel Resource

Pacific Crest: The Cockatiel Resource


Got Crestions?
The Crestions and Comments board is one the most popular features on Pacific Crest. Ask questions and share advice about one of the most (understandably) popular pet birds in the nation.

The Cockatiel Club
Pacific Crest Cockatiels is a great opportunity to particpate in a community of fellow ’tiel owners. Share photos, stories, and chat with other cockatiel owners. Join now!

Buyin’ for Birds
Running out of pellets or seeds for your ’tiel? Want to get started with owning a pet cockatiel? is the perfect place to shop for the stuff that you need to care for (or spoil) your feathered (and furry and scaled...) friends. Specials


Squak Up!
What do you think about Pacific Crest? We’d love to hear what your ideas. Please sign our guestbook.

Bird Books
In Association with Amazon.comEven if you don’t need a library of cockatiel books, it’s often nice to have an informative reference book handy. Wondering which one to buy? Check out our recommended books about ’tiels. Or just browse the expansive selection of books on 'tiels (among millions of other titles!) on

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