The Kenners of Virginia

Descendants of Richard & Elizabeth (Rodham) Kenner

I am putting a list at the bottom of this page of all descendants of Richard and Elizabeth (Rodham) Kenner that I have found in thirty years of searching. It's a slow process transferring the data from its old form to this new format so bear with me. If you have a program which can read Excel files you can download the complete file.

Kenner Family of VA

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The following is a little blurb on the ancestor on top of my most wanted list:

Rodham Kenner of VA, KY?, IN, and IL

Rodham Kenner (born between 1770 and 1780) married first a Betsy (Clay?) by whom he had two children, David C. (1800- 1851) m. 1819 Mary Stewart and Elizabeth m. Rice. David was in Ashland KY area in 1818. Tradition says David and his mother and sister came to the area together. She had left Rodham and taken the two children with her "riding over the mountain on a mule" where she had a sister (Mary) married to a Captain Stewart. She claimed Rodham was mean to her. The Stewart family eventually moved to KY and took Betsy and the kids with them. Rodham supposedly went back to Northumberland Co VA where he told everyone that his wife died in childbirth. He came back for the will of his father Rhodham Kenner whose 1802 will is still available. Rodham and his brother William moved to Mason Co KY. I have a copy of a power of attorney from Wm and his wife Betsy for some land back in Northumberland which shows Betsy was the daughter of _____ (have to look it up I forgot.) There is a marriage record for them. Wm and Betsy had at least one daughter named Ann so this could not be the Wm Kenner who founded the New Orleans Kenners as is claimed by some descendants of the Brent family in SAR records. However, there is a birth record for a son William and it it believed that this son was the founder of the New Orleans Kenners. I have a transcript of an old letter from one of Rodham's sons by another wife which indicates as much. To confuse the issue we have a Rodham Kenner in Fleming Co KY who marries Sarah (Sally) Foxworthy and then divorces her and disappears. This could conceivably by our Rodham again but no proof. In any event Rodham is next seen in Gibson County, Indiana where he is found on the Enumeration of 1820. At least two of his next five children appear to have been born there (one in 1812 and the other in 1815) so presumably he married again before 1812.

Rodham Kenner came to IL by 1824. He was in the 1830 & 1840 Census in Wabash County listed as Rodom Kinner. Married to Sarah Routt (before 1809 - tradition says without first divorcing Betsy ) and finally to Lucinda (ca 1792-1846). He died by 1850. He was sheriff (Edwards Co.) 1842-1848. 1830 Census shows 6 boys ( 1 under 5, 1 5-9, 1 10-14, 2 15- 19, 1 20-29), 2 girls (1 under 5, 1 10-14) and a wife (40-49 probably Sarah). Had following known children by second or third wives:

1) Alvin (A. R.) married Isiline Clark (13 Nov 1849 Edwards Co. IL). He was Edwards County coroner 1846-1848. He represented the county in the state constitutional convention in 1847. Was in 1850 Census of IL Whit. Co. Graysville. Believe he was a banker.

2) George (1812-1877) married 1842 Elizabeth Newman (1822- 1899) She was the daughter of Joseph who was son of Edmund. (DAR Grandparents File Vol 106 P199). There was a George in Nadi. Co. IL in the 1850 Census. Don't know if this was the same George.

3) Rev (and Judge) James (1815-1897) married March 18, 1844 Judith Willis (1824-1914). He was in the 1840 (Wabash Co.) and 1850 (Albion, Edwards Co.) Census of IL. Moved to Humboldt near Iola, Kansas in spring of 1860. Later moved to Greenwood County (Eureka) where he founded the first society of Christrian Brethren in 1862 and served in the state legislature (1863-64). Justice of the Peace 1865-67. Opened first store in Eureka 1866. Had two sons, Henry T. and James W. (Jay W.).

4) William (Wm. H.?) married Mar. 9, 1839 to Sarah Ann Newman in Gibson Co. IN (across river from Wabash County). Probably a sister of Eliz. Newman. He was not in the IL census of 1840. A William was in the 1850 census of IL in Wabash. Co.

5) Bryon Wright (ca. 1821-1900). Was in census of IL Edwards Co. 1850 as Wright Kenner. Died in Grayville, IL

Possible other children:

6) John R. married America Stanfield 4 March 1852

7) Nancy married Joseph Fry 11 NOV 1846

8) Joseph in 1840 Census.

David located his father and wrote him a letter saying he wanted to visit him and meet the father he had never known. We have a transcript of his father's letter where he blows him off. This appears to confirm the tradition that there was never a divorce and son Rodham's appearance would have been hard to explain.

. Following is another Excel file on Rhodham Kenner of the 1801/2 will.

Rodham Kenner ( 1801/2)

Note on numbering: Each generation alternates between numbers and letters and has their number or letter added to that of their direct ancestor. Generation 1 = 1 Generation 2 = 1A, 1B, 1C etc.

I try to number or letter in birth order but that is not always possible.

XXX means that they died without children

1 Richard Kenner(possible son of Richard Kenner of Norfolk) Moved from Norfolk? to Northumberland County, VA before 1670 (1635-1691/2) m. about 1670 Elizabeth Rodham daughter of Matthew Rodham (1652-1709)

1A Col. Rodham (1671-1706) m. 1698 Hannah Fox (1671- ) She m. (2) Spellman

1B Richard (1673-1719) m. Eliz. Winder (1691-1744) She m.(2) Footman

1C John (1677-about 1735) m. Anne? ( -1737)

1D Francis (1681-1728) m. (1) Hanna Howson? (2) Turberville?

Current convention is that Francis m. Hanna Howson but as far as I can determine there is no proof of this other than his son's name. As Francis' sister 1E Eliz married a Howson the name could have come from honoring his sister's husband. The Turberville name idea appears to come from Francis' will where he names a Turberville as his brother-in-law. However, one of his sisters' may have married second a Turberville.

1E Eliz. (1682-1714/5) m. John Howson ( -1714/5)

1F Hannnah (1684- ) m.

1G Capt. Matthew (1687-1743/4) m.

End of children of 1 Richard

Line of 1A Rodham Kenner

1A1Hannah m. (1) Hull (2) Harris (3) Cralle (4) Cralle

1A2 Eliz (1700-1725/6) m. (1) Bushrod (2) Vaulx (3) DeButts

1A3Richard (1700-1725/6) m. Eliz. Heale

There is a Frances (Female) Spelman mentioned in a will but she is the daughter of his wife from her second marriage and not a married daughter as I orginally thought. She m.Garner

Children of 1A3 Richard Kenner Son of 1A Rodham Kenner

1A3AHannah m. 1742 (1) Ball

1A3B Rodham (1717-<1743) m. 1735 Susanna Opie She m. (2) Colston

1A3C Richard (1722-1729/30) XXX

1A3B1 Richard (1738-1751) XXX

1A3B2 Rodham (1740-1777) m. 1763 Eliz. Plater (1744-1803) m. (2) Davis

Children of 1A3B2 Rodham

1A3B2A Rebecca m. 1798 (1) Turner (2) Flannery

1A3B2B Susannah m. Thornton

Thus ends the male line of 1A Rodham Kenner and the Kenner family ownership of the Kennersley Plantation.

Line of 1B Richard Kenner 1B1 Winder ( -1762) m. Eliz. Brereton

1B2Richard ( ->1744) m. 1G1 Hannah Kenner (His cousin, daughter of 1G Matthew) (Have unproven info that this is Duncan F. Kenner's line.)

1B3 Rodham ( -<1744) xxx?

1B4 Eliz. ( -<1744) xxx?

1B5 Frances ( ->1750) (1)Maj. B Ewell

Children of 1B1 Winder Kenner

1B1A Brereton (1732-1759) m. Judith Newton She m.(2) Brent

1B1B Richard (1733-<1762 ) xxx?

1B1C Winder (1735 -1785) m. 1764 Mary Ball

1B1D Mary

Children of 1B1A Brereton

1B1A1 Mary m. 1771 T. Rowland

1B1A2 Eliz ( -<1755) xxx?

1B1A3 Judith (1758/9- ) xxx?

1B1A Brereton Kenner's male line ends but the 1B1 Winder line continues with the children of 1B1C Winder

1B1C1 Mary

1B1C2 Frances Ball (Fanny Ball) m.1789 C. Elliston

1B1C3 Eliz.

1B1C4Winder ( -) m. Sarah Downing 5 children

1B1C5 James xxx

I have not been able to reliably trace this line (1B1 Winder) any further. I believe this line continues in Fauquier Co, VA but have no proof other than the Winder name showing up in each generation.

If the connection holds descendants of 1B1C4 moved to Salem (now Marshall, VA) then some to Front Royal, VA and from there to KY. Others settled in MO and from there one returned to VA and eventually settled in Alexandria, VA.

1B2A Rodham (-1801/2) m. Sarah and perhaps earlier Elizabeth. They had nine children listed in his will.

1B2A1 Rodham is my ancestor whose children and wives are listed above.

I still have several more lines to add to this. I also have Francis Kenner's line complete though about 1800 but am having a hard time getting around to it. New job is taking up a lot of time.

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