My Own Pages:

CSI Slang & Folklore Page
Some history, folklore, and slang of Cape Sable Island, off the southern tip of Nova Scotia.  Click here to visit this page.

CSI Computer Graphics
A list of the desktop publishing services I offer and pricing.  Services include: websites, photo scanning, digital photography, typing, etc.  Click here to visit this page.

The Truth
Just the truth.  Click here to visit this page.

My horse, "Savana", a Quarter Horse/Percheron cross mare.  Purchased her from Roger McInnis of Amherst, NS.  A reputable horse dealer, we have purchased many nice horses from Roger.  Click here to visit Roger's site.
Friends & Family's Pages:

Callie's Place
My baby sister's site.  In college and not a baby anymore, though I still call her 'Bebe'.   Photos of her cats, thoughts about her family and friends.  Click here to visit this site.

Pride & Joy Horse & Pony Club
Non-profit group of horse owner friends I belong to.  Together we improve our riding skills,  learn more about horse care and enjoy our horses.  The site includes photos of our horse show and results, coming events, member photos, etc.  Click here to visit this site.

Websites I Maintain:

Ducker's Kennels
Breeders of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Click here to visit.

Daniel's Head Boatbuilders Ltd.
Builders of the Cape Islander Fishing boat.  Click here to visit.

Novie Boatbuilders Ltd.
Builders  of the Novie Scooter, a hard chine, full planing hull.  Click here to visit.

Skyland Kennels
Breeders of the Labrador Retriever (black, yellow, & chocolate).  Click here to visit.

Something Crafty
Locally produced, hand crafts.  Make wonderful gifts.  Click here to visit.

Rent A House
Looking for a place to still while visiting the area?  Why not rent a house?  Click here to visit.

Tugboat Cattery
Breeders of long haired persians and short haired (exotics) persian cats.  Click here to visit.

My sister's horse, "Princess", a registered Quarter Horse mare.  Also purchased from Roger McInnis.  Daughter of "Mr. Redford", champion stallion.  Click here to visit the American Quarter Horse Association's website.

I love to draw.  This is a sketch I did of a great dane.

My pond, I proudly dug and planted myself.  10' x 12' x 3'  Contains large koi and goldfish. 
Favorite Websites:
Star Trek - the official Star Trek website (visit)
EZboard -
message boards on every topic (visit)
eBay - sell and buy just about anything (visit)
Geocities - Free webspace for personal websites (visit)
The Free Site - download free software (visit)
Tucows - more free software to download (visit)

Live planted aquarium I had a few years back.  Water was crystal clear and the fish healthy.  I used a variety of live plants, both planted and floating; a inside sponge filter; a hanging mechanical filter; and sandblasting sand over 100% pure clay kitty litter.  I had 50 fish in the 50 gallon tank which was only 15 inches tall.

Mosaic I created of one great
singer (Elvis) using tiny photos
of another great singer.  Photo
downloads larger than shown

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January 12, 2006
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