I was really tired of my old web page, but I have stashed it over here for those of you looking for Good Information for New Bird Owners.
This site is (obviously) unfinished at this point, and I am not sure there ever will be a "finished" webpage of this type.  For now, I am putting up this unfinished site for y'all to peruse.  I am accepting old copies of Playboy, or any other magazine with interviews of persons who have been influential in making or interpreting history.  Use the e-mail icon below to find out how to send me the information.  Through this icon, I am also accepting links from you for good webpages dedicated to history.  Please help me make this site the best recource for all of us!
Happy Reading!
Playboy Interviews
Student Panel-Sept. 1969
Jesse Jackson-Nov. 1969
Fidel Castro-Aug. 1985
Yasir Arafat-Sept. 1988
They're coming... I promise!
If you have suggestions for what I should put here, please let me know... I have a bunch of stuff and am not sure what I should put here... should I put gov't documents or "civilian " stuff, like diary entries and journals and personal reminisces?  Please write me and let me know what YOU want.
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