Cassilly and Coffin Genealogy

Cassilly - Coffin - Burke - Carter

Daley - Glynn - Manning

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  My surname is 'Mollica,' but my mother was a Cassilly on her father's side and a Coffin on her mother's side. Then we trace back through a Burke family to the Glynn and Manning families on her maternal grandmother's side - all from Ireland.

The Coffin side of my family most recently came from Thomaston, Maine, USA and moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts. Where were they before settling in Maine?

The Cassilly side of my family settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts, but originated in Ireland.

My goal is to trace my mother's lineage as far back as possible, and to find my "cousins" around the world.


Genealogy for:

Cassilly - Coffin - Burke - Carter - Daley - Glynn -Manning


Can you help?


Mollica vine

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