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Welcome to the portion of my family web site devoted to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten - also known simply by its airport code SXM.
This section contains my travelogues from seven trips to Saint Martin and lots of great Saint Martin tips that readers E-mail to me. Please send yours and I'll post 'em.

Travelogue for January 2001

Text Only Version of Travelogue for 2001

Saint Martin Travelogues
Scroll down this page for my favorite travel links.

My Favorite Travel Links


Find more travel links on the Saint Martin Tips page.

Caribbean Travel Roundup Newsletter. What a great collection of travelogues covering several years of people's vacations to the Caribbean (including my own St. Martin travelogues from 1995-2001). What a great site to find cheap airfares and discounted rates for hotels. I have used this site several times and have saved hundreds of $$ each time. (Also, scroll down to see

Internet Travel Network. You see the same information that travel agents do. You can even select your seats by viewing the same interactive seating diagram aboard the aircraft that travel agents see when they talk to you on the phone. Outstanding resource.

Mapquest. Here you can get step-by-step driving directions that will take you to a new address across town or across the country.

myTalk This free service lets you listen to your e-mail. Just dial your myTalk toll-free number from any phone and talk your way through your e-mail. Want to be notified when a certain e-mail arrives? myTalk has that too with e-mail paging. You might want to go to myTalk's help page to get a better understanding of how it works.[I have not tried this service yet, but until I do, it sounds so good for travelers that I am posting it as a link anyway.]

OnLine City Guide Planner. Very nice resource to check out cities before you visit them.

Pop3Now provides free access to your home e-mail account from any computer. I include this link under the travel section because Pop3Now is the perfect way to check your e-mail when you travel outside the range of your Internet Service Provider. No registration necessary - just login.

Slanguage. This site is a lot of fun because it provides "translations" for regional speech patterns and words. Want to speak like a New Englandah? Go here.

TourScan Caribbean Travel Service. Find a vacation here that fits your budget...I've used this service and was very pleased with it.

Put the power of Babel Fish into your browser from the Babel Fish Tool page - a free translation service for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Trip.Com - WOW! What a great travel site. It has an Intellitrip feature that compares fares among airlines and returns only fares that are still available. And try the Flight Tracker - you can view the progress of any flight in the United States. Lots of other features.

Travelocity. A great collection of travel information, services, and links to other travel resources.

The Weather Channel. Look here before you head out on travel or vacation.

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