Hello we are the Nicks Family. Russ and Cande our daughter Leta, her son Andrew, our son James, and his daughters
Jessica and Jada and their mom LuAnn. Russ is no longer in the military, and has a job working with the telephone company, while Cande works at the local courthouse. Cande is *POOH* to her friends
on the internet and Russ is Tigger. Leta is a full time EMT, a part time student and takes care of her son which is also a full time job! She is also getting ready to be married to Dennis. They are planning a wedding in December of this year. Andrew is 4 years old and the apple of his Nanna and Pa-pa's eye! Leta and Andrew are know to their friends on the internet as Geta Sunshine Dreamer and Baby Boo.Leta and Baby Boo also live in Southern Illinois, but have moved to the same town as her brother James and Family. James works as an manager at a major department store and LuAnn is a head-teller at a local bank. The girls Jessica and Jada are Nanna and Pa-Pa's little angels.

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