drifter - 44Kb

And During My Child hood I Was Going On The Beach,
Getting A Load Of Fire Wood For Logs.
On A Hot Summers Day.
And The Work men Are working On the Sea Defences.
They Tell Me I Can Have All The Loads Of Wood.
For The Fire And I Go Home Get The Fisher Mens Cart.
Out From The Shed And Down On Beach And Loading

I use To Live In The Winterton Beach Village.
See Lot Of People I Use To know.
And I Had So Much To Do,
So I Wait For My Mum.
Come Home From Work,
And I Meet My Dad In From Sea .
And The Local Trawlermen And The Seamen
From The Royal Navy

I Say It Was about Time For The Poor Boys Coming Home From Sea,
And I Use To Play Some old War Time Records The Old 78s.
Old War Time Songs Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone.
Roll Out The Barrel ,
And The Old War Time Songs The White Cliffs Of Dover Vera Lynn ..
And The Old Songs From The Sea In The Navy,
But My Mum Was At Home And But Before The War Ended In The Year 1945,
Before my time.
And 20 years later My mum Tells me All about The Wars lest We Forget it ,
1914 And 1918 And 1939 And 1945 And To End Wars And All Wars,
And All Over IreLand Bombing Was Going On And On For
Years And All We Here On The News ,
About The Ira Bomb In Great Yarmouth Before The Queen.
Come To Great Yarmouth In That Year Was 1985,
And Juleys Mother Mrs Adams Say That's Going To Far,
The Day Since The Two Bombs Went Of At The Winterton Gas Works,
And The Winterton Gas Works Was On Fire,
A Load Of Black Smoke Come Out Of The gas Tank,
We Say About Time For Them To End
The War In Ireland And Handed All The Bombs And Guns In For Good.
And Hope I R A Strangers Will End Up In Jail

during my child hood days,
i use to go on hoildays with the school.
over the north sea on a car ferry.
out of lowestoft harbour and we a man ,
and we see a great big monk fish was landed .
on the fish docks and all the seamen have been at sea,
on the north sea trawlers of lowestoft harbour,
this is a time to pull in the fishing nets skipper calls,
all hands on deck of a north sea trawler,
and my dad was a seaman in the fishing fleets,
but the children get sent home from school became few ,
the power cuts in the years of 1970s .
and the old power station has been demolished,
was going up and coming down ,
the great yarmouth power station is coming down.
and a building a new gas fire power station.
i hope they get more jobs in the sea side town,
great yarmouth town council,
and will be no more power cuts at all,
for get the bad days of the thing of the past ,
never will see that come back no more, use to be,
And Be A Good Job Hope Thay Stat On The New Outer Harbour,
Just Like Harwich Parkeston Quay.
Thay Will Be Lot More Ship And Car Ferrys ,
And Will Be Lot More Jobs In The Town ,
Get All The People Out To Work And Get Them Of The Dole Since That Year 193os
The Boy With His Dog Is Going Down To The Harbour.
Waiting For his Farthers Trawler Lidey eyv LT 89,
And That Boy Was 16 Was Leaving School ,
Get A Jot Go To Sea .
On The Sten Trawler Out Of Lowestoft,
And If You At Sea You Must Here The Wearher Is Going Be Stomy Gales.
In A Force Nine Gale,
On October 16th 1965 A Cargo Ship Run Hit The Rocks Few Miles,
From Landsend A Lowestoft Trawler St just

I know Some Of The People Use To know ,
In The Street And I know Someone Who Lived On The Grit,
And I Now Susan Kings Mum She Lived On Kings Way,
I Now Jane Mays She Lived On Black Street ,
Some Of The Council Houses Have Been Demolished In The Late 196O,
And July's Mum And Dad Mr And Mrs Adams ,
Say In The I See A Lots Of Old Prefabs Have Been Swept A Way ,
Near The Bus Stop.
And A Lots Of New Houses Have Been Build On The Site,
In The Year 1972 The Miners strike I Go Down On The Building Site,
And Ask The Builders What You Going To Do With The Fire Wood , The Man Say Yes You Can Have All The Of Cuts Go For Logs, And I Got A Cart Loads Of Logs For Fire Wood, The Time Of The Power Cuts The Thing Of The Past, And The Haven Hoilday Village Has Been Build On The Site , Near The Winterton Gas Works Just Of Whapload Road And Bex Hill Road, And The Last Of The Old Prefabs Have Been Demolished In The Year 1969, We Dont See The Old Prefabs No More , And All The People In The New Houses On The Site. Since The Year 1979, I Lived In The Winterton Beach Village All In My Life, All We Here Is Drogs On The Streets. RETURN TO HOME PAGE