I Love You Heavenly Father
by Barbara Philbrook

I love you heavenly Father with all of my heart,
and am so grateful You loved me from the start.

I honor You Father for all that You do,
and wish to serve You any way You want me to.

You sent your Son to die in my place,
that one day soon we'd stand face to face.

You beckoned me so sweetly till I heard,
then the most wonderful changes occurred.

You moved in and started renovations deep inside,
removing all anger, sin and pride.

You've softened my temper and given me a new heart,
and it was instantly these changes began to take part.

You've promised to continue till You are through.
Father how grateful I am to You.

One day soon we'll all be at home,
kneeling before You on Your throne.

Forever and always to be with You,
giving You the honor and glory You are due.

I love You heavenly Father and always will,
being allowed to serve You is my greatest thrill.

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