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Welcome to the ultimate hamster webpage, Hamster Haven. With over 80 seperate hamster-related pages, over 300 pictures, and 100+ hamster links, Hamster Haven is possibly the best hamster site on the net.

In case of an emergency with your hamster, please take it to a vet. You can check our pages which may help you, but you will have to rely on your own judgment too. If you have any comments or ideas about/for Hamster Haven, or questions, use or form. Do not use it to ask a question about your hamster. We used to have an 'Ask the Experts' Form, but people kept asking questions that were already answered on our pages, so we took it down. Hamster Haven is basically a site made by our viewers, and so our updates rely on your ideas. If you are using AOL, and your preferences are set to load pictures fast, then our .jpg's and possibly other pictures will appear blurry on your browser. See our viewing info (browser recommentations, etc).

Hamster Haven is now a recognized for their rodent expertise at, specializing in help with hamsters, but also supplying information about mice, girbles, cavies, and rats. Name: Hamster Lips

Well, with the one-year birthday of our guinea pig Mervin past (see pictures of her at our images), We're looking for more site renovations. So far we have 3 main links to this site:
The first one is our origional one. While battling with ads, we also have to battle with finicky Yahoo creeps. Also, the namesake seangels (origionally dedicated to our Dolphin site), is a little misleading.
The second one is actually just redireciting. Also, there are errors on every page.
The third one is very nice. A seemingly reliable hosting service. We'll see how it goes.

So.. in short.. if you know of any ad-free, reliable, well known, easy-to-use, secure free webpage hosting places (no registration fee, no setup fee, no maintenence fee, you get the picture) Then we'd be eternally greatful if you'd e-mail us the link at Or, better yet, if you have your own domain name and your willing to host us, we'd be externally greatful as well! Same e-mail, by the way.

So, we're doing that, finished the mervin pictures page, gotta work on the broswer page (if I get around to it) and made sure the links are working, and gave them descriptions. I just added a Hamsters in Science page. I also want to join some more webrings, but I can usually depend on other people to suggest them to me from visiting my site. Not to mention the flood of questions from Pretty busy! Also, we're inheriting 4 adult, female rats from a girl who is going off to college.
Hey, here's something cool. I feel kind of guilty for taking down the online contests/shows page (you could win prizes for your hamsters just by entering a hamster poem or picture), so I'm thinking about making a new contest (Speaking of which, we just finished making 3 different hamster quizzes!). In this one, the contestant will scour our pages for an image. If they find it, they'll get something cool (probably leftover prizes from the other contests.. yippe!)
Actually, I'm thinking of the contest being something more productive on our part.. like finding people who will pay us if we give them banner space (none of them yet.. all voluntary) or some free, ad-less webhosting (see above) Ah well.. Go to our Only use this e-mail address to ask permission to use or images, not to ask any questions about your hamster. If this e-mail address is abused (like people using it to spam) then we will refuse to grant any people permission to use our images.
We will not allow you to use any of our logos or pictures of hamsters we own. You may, however, use the images found in the pages on our Care guide, backgrounds from around the site, and Hamster Pictures with our permission. This permission will be granted to only your personal site or personal use, and we ask you to give us credit if used on a website (this can be as simple as providing a link to our site).