William Grubb

Summary of William Grubb's life

- The 1840 Grayson County, Virginia Census states he was between 30 and 40 years old.
- The 1850 Grayson County, Virginia Census states he was 45 years old.
- The 1860 Grayson County, Virginia Census states he was 56 years old.

- The 1850 Grayson County, Virginia Census states William was born in Virginia.
- The 1860 Grayson County, Virginia Census states William was born in North Carolina.
- The 1880 Grayson County, Virginia Census states Elizabeth Lovelace's father was born in North Carolina.
- The 1880 Grayson County, Virginia Census states A. Jackson Grubb's father was born in North Carolina.
- The 1880 Grayson County, Virginia Census states Sallie Hoffman's father was born in Virginia.
- The 1880 Grayson County, Virginia Census states Sarah E. Greer's father was born in South Carolina.
- The 1880 Ashe County, N.C. Census states Almeda Pennington's father was born in North Carolina.
- The 1880 Grayson County, Virginia Census states Frank Grubb's father was born in Virginia.
- Does anyone have the 1880 census for Mattie Vaught? She was living in Allegany Co., N.C. in 1880.

- William was listed in the 1860 census but not in the 1870 census.
- William wrote his will in October of 1865. According to a Balance Due Estate paper, he died on January 30, 1866.

- He was probably at home on his farm in Grayson County, Virginia when he wrote his will and later passed away.

- His great granddaughter stated he was buried in a cemetery on the farm. The Tiger mapping service lists two Grubb Cemeteries in Grayson County. One is near Troutdale and the other is on Middle Fox Creek. Carl Pendergrass identified the one near Troutdale as being his. The other one on Middle Fox Creek is near Grubb Chapel and is where Jacob Grubb (b-1790) lived.
-'There is a cemetary called Grubb/Young Cemetery in Grant, Va. It's at a beautiful site on top of a hill, surrounded by mountains and a lake...James Grubb is caretaker of this cemetery. We have a fund set up to assist him in doing this.' (from Crystal Zimmerman in February 2000).

Marriage to Catherine Colton:
- There is a record of a William Grubb marrying Catherine Colton on February 26, 1829. However this does not appear to be the same William Grubb. There is more information on the page that has the descendants of Henry Grubb.

Marriage to Rosamond Grubb:
- William Grubb married Rosamond "Rosanah" West on January 8, 1834 in Smyth Co, Va.
- Rosamond (Rosannah) shows up in the 1850 and 1860 Grayson County, Virginia census reports.
- Rosanah is listed as his wife in his will.

William Grubb's parents are still being researched. It has been thought for many years that they were probably from the family of Grubbs who lived in Wythe County, Virginia. After much concerted effort however, there appears to be very little indication that this is true. It was only just recently realized that the most commonly mentioned birthplace for William in the census reports is North Carolina. So the research is slowly turning in that direction. The most likely possibilities are those who are closest to Grayson County in the 1810 census. This list is:
Grubb, C. Ashe 007
Grub, Geroge Rowa 083
Grubb, Conrad Rowa 079
Grubb, John Rowa 079
Grubs, William Stok 127

There is a Wm. H. Grubb who married Jane Smith on September 16, 1823 in Washington County, Virginia. There is a Grubb family mentioned there in the census indexes but no further information is known.
3) Are there other possibilities?


In reference to the 1870 census William J. Grubb passed away 1-30-1866 and Andrew (house # 430)apparently became the head of the household as Franklin, Martha J. and Virginia C were his siblings and Rosannah was his mother.
A deed found in the Grayson Co. Court House showed that William purchased land on the Waters of Fox Creek on April 13, 1835. The deed stated that he was of Smyth Co.
Jacob Grubb (possibly house #403) purchased land from William Grubb (house # 458) on the Waters of Little Fox Creek on 4-20-1868.
These families lived in the same general vicinity and I suspect they are somehow related.
There was two plots of land recorded for William on Sept 2, 1837. The earliest date of purchase was 4/13/1835. One was purchased from Shadrach Greear it contained 150a and was listed as Waters Fox Creek. The Second was 140a purchased from Noah & Mary Greear, It was also listed as Waters Fox Creek. A third plot Int in 100a recorded 4/2/1847 was purchased from Heirs of Robt. Hash, location listed as L. Helton Cr. A fourth plot containing 50a purchased from John Mink located on Waters Fox Cr. was recorded on 4/1/1851. A fifth plot containing 60a purchased from Jacob Haga listed as Waters L. Fox Cr. was recorded Feb. 1853. A sixth plot containing 197a was purchased from what looked to be Walvine Cox, this was located was given as New River and was recorded on 6/21/1854. A seventh plot containing 65a was purchased from David & Rosamond Wingate, its location was L. Fox Cr. This was recorded May 1866. As shown by the first example these deeds weren't recorded before a significant amount of time had passed after their purchase. I guess they couldn't just jump in the car and run to the courthouse.
If didn't make copies of these deeds just took notes in reference to them.
I got Williams death date 1-30-1866 from a Balance due Estate dated Feb 19, 1866. Amoung a long list of others, Sarah E. Hoffman was paid 9.40 and Coonrod Grubb 12.00. I thought Coonrod was an unusual name but there appears to be another one listed in the 1815 Ashe Co. NC tax List. He had 150 Acres on Silas Creek.
I don't have a date when Rosannah passed away. I visited the cemetery that Crystal spoke of at Grant and there was several graves marked with stones only.
-From Carl Pendergrass in February 2000.

William Grubb Rosamond (Rosannah) West Married Jan. 08, 1834 Children: 1834 Elizabeth "Betsy" Lovelace 1837 Mitchell ...................(Killed in action) 1838 Andrew Jackson 1841 Mary Ann 1843 Sarah (Sallie) 1845 Sedela 1847 Susanna 1850 Rosamond ................. (not proven) 1851 Almeda Pennington 1853 Franklin (Frank) 1856 Martha Jane (Mattie) 1860 Virginia...................... (not proven) -information from Crystal Zimmerman in February 2000. Ashe County: Marriage license issued to William (Trubb) and Rosannah West, Jan. 8, 1834. Obviously a mis=spell for Grubb. I didn't know if you have this info. -from Crystal Zimmerman in March 2000.
Descendants of William J. Grubb 1 William J. Grubb b: 1804 in N.C. d: 1865 in Grayson Co, Va. Fact 1: Farmer. Land valued at $3000 in 1850, $6000 in 1860. Fact 2: Census records list place of birth as both N.C. & Va. +Catherine Colton m: 26 February 1829 *2nd Wife of William J. Grubb: +Rosamond "Rosanah" West b: 19 February 1816 in Washington Co, Va. m: 08 January 1834 in Smyth Co, Va. 2 Elizabeth "Betsy" Grubb b: Abt. 1836 in Grayson Co, Va. +Jeremiah E. "Jerry" Lovelace II b: Abt. 1827 in Tenn. m: 07 February 1852 in Grayson Co, Va. Fact 1: 29 May 1861 Enlisted in Wytheville & served in Co. C, 45th Va. Infantry. Fact 2: 05 June 1864 Captured at Piedmont . Sent to Camp Morton. Fact 3: 26 February 1865 Enchanged. 2Mitchell Grubb b: 1837 in Va. d: 10 February 1862 in Fort Donelson Cause of death: Killed in action. Fact 1: 04 June 1861 Enlisted at Forks of Wilson Creek & served in Co. D, 50th Va. Infantry, CSA. 2 Andrew Jackson Grubb b: 17 September 1838 in Grayson Co, Va. d: 02 January 1915 in Grant, Grayson Co, Va. Fact 1: Farmer Fact 2: 29 May 1861 Enlisted in Wytheville & served Co C, 45th Va Infantry, CSA. Fact 3: 12 July 1861 Sick. Fact 4: 1862 Was a butcher by trade +Martha Elvira Boyer b: 11 March 1843 in Grant, Grayson Co, Va. m: 28 November 1866 in Grayson Co, Va. d: 01 March 1926 in Demorest, Habersham Co, Ga. Cause of death: Flu. Fact 1: Buried in Grant, Va. in the old family cemetery on the Grubb Place. 2 Mary Ann Grubb b: Abt. 1841 in Grayson Co, Va. 2 Sarah "Sallie" Grubb b: 01 May 1843 in Va. d: 06 June 1924 +Charles H. Hoffman, Dr. b: 03 October 1822 in Germany m: 12 May 1867 in Sugar Grove, Va. d: 01 March 1898 in Va. Fact 1: Bef. 1867 Came to the U. S. as a stowaway on a ship. Fact 2: Physican from the University of Berlin. 2 Sedelia Grubb b: Abt. 1845 in Grayson Co, Va. +Andrew Jackson Greear b: 27 May 1843 in Grayson Co, Va. m: 20 December 1865 in Ashe Co, N.C. Fact 1: 27 July 1861 Enlisted in Grayson Co. & served in Co. C, 8th Va. Infantry CSA. Fact 2: 27 April 1862 Reenlisted at Crump's Bottom, W.Va. Fact 3: 20 September 1864 Deserted. Fact 4: Served as an escort to General William Wing Loring. 2 Susannah Grubb b: May 1847 in Grayson Co, Va. d: 23 September 1858 in Grant, Grayson Co, Va. Cause of death: Scarlet Fever 2 Rosamond Grubb b: Abt. January 1850 in Grayson Co, Va. 2 Almeda Grubb b: Abt. 1851 in Va. +Cicero Pennington 2 Franklin "Frank" Grubb b: 17 December 1853 in Grayson Co, Va. d: 06 February 1934 Fact 1: Farmer +Mary E. McCarroll b: Abt. 1856 in Va. m: Abt. 1877 2 Martha Jane "Mattie" Grubb b: 22 April 1856 in Grayson Co, Va. d: 17 September 1938 in Grant, Grayson Co, Va. Fact 1: Postmistress at Grant, Va. +Alfred Jacob "Jake" Vaught b: 30 January 1848 in Grayson Co, Va. m: 26 February 1871 in Alleghany, N.C. d: 20 October 1920 in Grant, Grayson Co, Va. Cause of death: Dropsy Fact 1: Farmer Fact 2: Lived at Crumpler, N.C. before moving to Grant. Fact 3: Born near Piney Creek, N.C. 2 Virginia C. Grubb b: 1860 in Va. -from Harold Haga in February 2000.
1840 Grayson County Census (Western) William Grubb 201001 10001
1850 Grayson County, Census William Grubb 45 M Va (household 565 on Sept. 13, 1850) Rosannah 35 F Va Elizabeth 14 F Va Mitchell 12 M Va Jackson 11 M Va Mary Ann 9 F Va Sarah 7 F Va Sadelia 5 F Va Susannah 3 F VA Rosamond 6/12 F Va (Harold Haga also states William owned land valued at $3,000)
1860 Grayson County, Census William Grubb 56 M NC Farmer (household 883) Rosamond 46 F Va Mitchel 22 M Va Jackson 21 M Va Mary A. 19 F Va Sarah 16 F Va Sedela 14 F Va Almede 9 F Va Franklin 6 M Va Martha 4 F Va (Harold Haga also states William owned land valued at $6,000)
1870 Grayson County, Census Andrew J. Grubb 31 m Va 4000 1568 house # 432 Martha E. 27 f Va Virginia 2 f Va Charles M 1 m Va Sarah J. 3/12 f Va Franklin 16 m Va Martha J. 14 f Va Virginia C 9 f Va Rosanah 52 f Va
William J. Grubb
I, William Grubb of the County of Grayson & state of Virginia do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say. 1st, I give to my son Andrew J. Grubb all of my home tract of land with the buildings thereon and also one bed and furniture for the same and two milch cows.. 2nd, I give to my son Franklin Grubb all of the ballance of my land that is to say the Mink tract of land and the George Greer tract and the tract on the side of the Mountain all of which lies Joining together and also two horses able for good servis on the farm and two cows and one bed and furniture for the same all of which is to remain in the sase and possession of Andrew J. Grubb and the said Andrew J. Grubb is to pay all the taxes on said lands and cultivate it as it has been done here before and keep the fencing in good fise and have the profits and proceeds of said lands untill the said Franklin Grubb becomes of age all of the above I give to Andrew J. Grubb and Franklin Grubb as it is named to them and their heirs forever which they are to maintain and support comfortably and keep therr Mother Rosanah Grubb during her life time. 3rd I give to my five Daughters that is at home with me namely Mary ann Grubb Sarah Grubb Sedela Grubb Almeda Grubb and Martha Jane Grubb all the remaining part of my personal estate including all moneys bonds live Stock & C except five dollars I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Lovelace all of which is to be equally divided between my five Daughters as above named and said Daughters is to have priviledge of remaining with their two Brothers until they are married or see cause to do otherwise the distribution is to be made by Andrew J. Grubb as they become of age or marry off the said Andrew J. Grubb is to pay for schooling Franklin Grubb and Martha Jane Grubb before the Division is finaly made which I give to them and their heirs forever: and lastly I do hereby constitute said Andrew J. Grubb Executor of this my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and my scel this the 13th day of October 1865.
Teste Wm Grubb (scel)
William Carson
Alesor Young
-Film 7549 pt 1 (This is probably from the card catalog of the FHC.)(Grayson Co. Will Book No.4. pages 115, 116. (page 115 from Harold Haga)).
...Iíve completely given up, but if you could find something would be glad. My Grandfather Andrew Jackson Grubb had a family cemetary on his farm and he and grandma and his father are buried there, hence no record. His father was William Grubb... I understand, he was from Penn. and built houses for travelers to stay all night, from Penn. to S.C. and I do know my grandparents let people stay, but at that time there werenít many.
....After I never could find where Great Grandfather William was born or anything of him I just quit.
-letter from Mae Boyer on Apr. 22 (probably 1972).

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