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Descendants of William J Grubb Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM J1 GRUBB was born 1804 in North Carolina, and died 1865 in Grayson County, VA. He married ROSAMOND (ROSANNA) WEST January 08, 1834 in Smith Valley, VA. She was born 1814 in Virginia, and died Unknown. Children of WILLIAM GRUBB and ROSAMOND WEST are: 2. i. ANDREW JACKSON2 GRUBB, b. September 17, 1838, Grayson County, VA; d. August 28, 1908, Grayson County, VA. ii. ELIZABETH GRUBB, b. 1836, Grayson County, VA; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN LOVELACE; d. Unknown. iii. MITCHELL GRUBB, b. 1837; d. Unknown. iv. MARY ANN GRUBB, b. 1841; d. Unknown. v. SARAH GRUBB, b. 1844; d. Unknown. vi. SEDELA GRUBB, b. 1846; d. Unknown. vii. SUSANNAH GRUBB, b. May 1847; d. Unknown. viii. ROSAMOND GRUBB, b. 1849; d. Unknown. ix. ALMEDE GRUBB, b. 1851; d. Unknown. x. FRANKLIN GRUBB, b. December 1852, Virginia; d. Unknown; m. MARY SUSAN V; d. Unknown. xi. MARTHA JANE GRUBB, b. April 22, 1856; d. Unknown; m. (1) JACOB VAUGHT, Abt. 1870, Ashe Co, NC; d. Unknown; m. (2) ALFRED J VAUGHT, February 26, 1871, Alleghany, NC; d. Unknown. xii. VIRGINIA C GRUBB, b. 1860; d. Unknown. Generation No. 2 2. ANDREW JACKSON2 GRUBB (WILLIAM J1) was born September 17, 1838 in Grayson County, VA, and died August 28, 1908 in Grayson County, VA. He married MARTHA ELVIRA BOYER November 28, 1866, daughter of MORGAN BOYER and LUCY FIELDER. She was born March 04, 1843 in Grayson County, VA, and died March 01, 1926 in Demorest, Habersham Co, GA. Notes for ANDREW JACKSON GRUBB: Andrew J is said to have been Pennsylvania Holland Dutch. Civil War records on Andrew: co. C, 45th VA, Enlisted on 5/29/61 in Wytheville. Sick 7/12/61. Butcher in 1862. Status not stated on final muster roll. Age 31, Farmer, 4000, 1568, 1870 Grayson County Census. Children of ANDREW GRUBB and MARTHA BOYER are: 3. i. VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE3 GRUBB, b. September 05, 1867, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. June 01, 1936. ii. CHARLES MELVIN GRUBB, b. December 05, 1868, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1944. iii. SARAH JANE GRUBB, b. March 03, 1870, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. October 16, 1938, Mouth of Wilson,Grayson County, VA; m. JONES FOSTER HASH, August 30, 1891, Grayson County, VA; d. Unknown. More About SARAH JANE GRUBB: Burial: Unknown, Grant Cemetery, Grayson Co, VA iv. HENRY WENTON GRUBB, b. August 04, 1871, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1871. Notes for HENRY WENTON GRUBB: Henry died as an infant. v. ALBERT NEWMAN GRUBB, b. February 27, 1873, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. July 25, 1944; m. CORA L PHILLIPS, April 16, 1896; d. Unknown. vi. WILLIAM MORGAN GRUBB, b. September 27, 1874, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. July 22, 1905. vii. EDWARD N GRUBB, b. February 20, 1875, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. Unknown; m. LENA UNKNOWN; d. Unknown. viii. OSCAR M GRUBB, b. October 1877; d. Unknown, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; m. AVA GORE, July 20, 1898; d. Unknown. ix. MINNIE E GRUBB, b. January 1879, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1900. x. ADA ANN GRUBB, b. April 06, 1880, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. Bef. 1961. xi. LILLIAN GRUBB, b. January 1882; d. Unknown. xii. CELIA GRUBB, b. March 02, 1882, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. September 21, 1959. xiii. ANDREW BAYNE GRUBB, b. January 10, 1886, Grant, Grayson Co, VA; d. September 21, 1959; m. HAL? PORTER; d. Unknown. Generation No. 3 3. VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE3 GRUBB (ANDREW JACKSON2, WILLIAM J1) was born September 05, 1867 in Grant, Grayson Co, VA, and died June 01, 1936. She married SYLVESTER COURDEN (BOSE) MINK December 16, 1883 in Grant, Grayson Co, VA, son of WILLIAM MINK and AMANDA PERKINS. He was born October 27, 1864 in Volney, Grayson Co, VA, and died January 29, 1952. Notes for VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE GRUBB: She was John A Boyer's half sister. Virginia was known as "Jenny" More About VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE GRUBB: Burial: Unknown, Gooding, Idaho Notes for SYLVESTER COURDEN (BOSE) MINK: Tradition says that the law was against Sylvester when he brought South Carolina horses to Virginia. So, he moved the family to Nebraska. Sylvester and his boys were all known to be very good looking. He was a farmer and he was clean shaven. More About SYLVESTER COURDEN (BOSE) MINK: Burial: Unknown, Gooding, Idaho Children of VIRGINIA GRUBB and SYLVESTER MINK are: 4. i. BERTHA MAE4 MINK, b. October 18, 1887, Volney, VA; d. Abt. 1993, Boise, Idaho. 5. ii. ELVIRA A MINK, b. Private. iii. ONITA MINK, b. Private. iv. ROSCOE SYLVESTER MINK, b. October 27, 1890; d. Unknown. v. BEULAH LENORE MINK, b. December 30, 1892; d. Unknown. vi. INA MINK, b. March 16, 1895; d. Unknown. vii. ARTHUR BAIN MINK, b. July 25, 1897, Volney, Grayson Co, VA; d. May 08, 1933. Notes for ARTHUR BAIN MINK: He was killed in a car accident. viii. CHARLES MINK, b. October 29, 1899; d. Unknown. ix. ROY JACKSON MINK, b. 1902; d. Unknown. x. CHESTER LONG MINK, b. June 17, 1904, Battle Creek, Madison Co, NEB; d. August 10, 1984, Boise, ID; m. DOROTHY RUTH WILKS, Private; b. Private. More About CHESTER LONG MINK: Burial: Unknown, Twin Falls, ID Generation No. 4 4. BERTHA MAE4 MINK (VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE3 GRUBB, ANDREW JACKSON2, WILLIAM J1) was born October 18, 1887 in Volney, VA, and died Abt. 1993 in Boise, Idaho. She married CHARLES EUPHRATES BOYER February 06, 1904, son of JOHN BOYER and VIRGINIA WATSON. He was born July 02, 1882 in Grant, VA, and died February 19, 1977. Notes for BERTHA MAE MINK: Bertha Mae was 106 years old when she died ! Bertha told her great-grandaughter that she went to school in Virginia and Battle Creek, Nebraska. Bertha has been to France, Germany, Belguim, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, all over the United States and attended the World's Fair in New York in 1964. Bertha once told me that when she was around ten years old she rode horseback to Grandma Grubb's house and there was a total eclipse and NOONE knew what was happening! Bertha remembered some horrible floods in Idaho in 1915 and floods in Fairfield in 1918. Notes for CHARLES EUPHRATES BOYER: He was 96 years old when he died. He would never go anywhere, just wanted to sit in the house and chew tobacco and rock back and forth. When Bertha came to Boise, she divorced him because he wouldn't go anywhere. He didn't wear glasses,didn't need hearing aides and had all his teeth when he died. He always had a pot of beans or ham and cabbage cooking after Bertha left. More About CHARLES EUPHRATES BOYER: Burial: Unknown, Gooding, Idaho Marriage Notes for BERTHA MINK and CHARLES BOYER: Bertha Mae traveled around the world. Children of BERTHA MINK and CHARLES BOYER are: i. OPAL INA5 BOYER, b. October 19, 1909, Fairfield, ID; d. January 02, 1998, Bishop, CA; m. ASA LEAVITT, Private; b. Private. Notes for OPAL INA BOYER: In 1927, Opal was in 11th grade at Gooding High School. She played basketball, got average grades, and drove the school wagon with her sister, Neva, to school. Opal remembers these friends: Irene Bryan in Gooding, Idaho (1924-28) and Lula Bilty in Weiser, Idaho (1944-46), Bob and Virginia Gillim since 1956. Opal's favorite things: country music, mysteries, "Gone With The Wind", and hamburgers. Opal and Asa remembered celebrating the end of World War I at school and they hung and burned a replica of the Keiser. Per Opal on Thanksgiving, 1996: Opal didn't have candles on her Christmas trees as a child. They made paper ornaments out of anything they could get their hands on. Opal remembered her Grandma Mink always made them knit gloves and glass bead necklaces for Christmas. Opal and Asa remembered making paper chains to wrap around their Christmas trees. Thelma (Opal's sister) remembered: Asa & Opal eloped and didn't tell anyone they were going to get married. Opal's family was very concerned as the Leavitts were Mormans, (the Boyers were Methodists) farmers, plus Asa and Opal didn't know each other very long. They grew up in Gooding, Idaho. Bertha (known as "Mae") ran the "Lincoln Inn Cafe" there. Thelma says that growing up, Opal was quiet, but stubborn in little ways. Thelma remembers one time when Opal took scissors from Thelma and wouldn't give them back until she threw them at Thelma and almost poked her eye out. Her dad really "tanned her hide" that time, but usually, Mae was the one who would get out a green willow and spank the back of your legs with it. ii. THELMA RITA BOYER, b. Private; m. RICHARD BERNARD PENDER, Private; b. Troy, New York; d. 1974. Notes for RICHARD BERNARD PENDER: He was 74 yrs old when he died in 1974. "Dick" played violin very well. He played on the first radio broadcast out of Boise, Idaho. The song was "Mother McCree" and he dedicated it to his mom and Thelma's mom. She said both moms were surprised and touched by it. Dick was in World War I (army) AND World War II (Navy). iii. GENEVA ROSE BOYER, b. Private; m. OSCAR SCHRAFT, Private; b. Private. iv. ROSCO CHARLES BOYER, b. September 08, 1907; d. May 1977; m. BUELLA CAMPBELL, Private; b. Private. v. HAZEL VIRGINIA BOYER, b. Private; m. SHELLEY SHELLENBARGER, Private; b. Private. vi. IRA MAE BOYER, b. Private; m. LORNE WALSTON, Private; b. Private. vii. GEORGIA LEE BOYER, b. Private; m. JESS BROWN, Private; b. Private. viii. WILLIAM ELWOOD BOYER, b. Private; m. ERNA, Private; b. Private. ix. BETTY LOUISE BOYER, b. Private; m. HANK LAUMAN, Private; b. Private. x. AVA BOYER, b. Private. xi. PAUL SYLVESTER BOYER, b. Private; m. RUTH UNKNOWN, Private; b. Private. 5. ELVIRA A4 MINK (VIRGINIA ROSEBELLE3 GRUBB, ANDREW JACKSON2, WILLIAM J1) was born Private. She married UNKNOWN SCHILLING Private. He died Unknown. Child of ELVIRA MINK and UNKNOWN SCHILLING is: i. DR. PHILLIP5 SCHILLING, b. Private. -From Kim Barden in June 2000.

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