This is a family tree centered around William Grubb who lived in Grayson County, Virginia. This is an attempt to explore the research that has been done and find his ancestors. If you have additional information or corrections, please contact me at Jeff Carter

Ongoing Research

Information on the descendants of Henry Grubb of Wythe County, Virginia

Jacob Grubb, of Grayson County, Virginia

Census Index

The Known Family of William Grubb

3-William Grubb b-1804/5 s-Rosamond/Rosannah West b-1810 4-Elizabeth "Betsy" Grubb 1834-af77 (Mrs. Jerry Lovelace) 4-Mitchell Grubb 1837-1862 4-Andrew Jackson Grubb 1838-1915 ----James Bender Hash - see FHC records 5-Virginia R Grubb ----Kim Barden-----Web Page 4-Mary Ann Grubb 1841-af60 4-Sarah (Sallie) Grubb 1843-1924 (Mrs. Charles Hoffman) 4-Sedela Grubb 1845-af75 (Mrs. Andrew Greer) 4-Susanna Grubb 1847-1858 4-Rosamond Grubb 1850-185? 4-Almeda Grubb 1851-1925 (Mrs. Cicero Pennington) ----Jeff Carter 4-Franklin (Frank) Grubb 1853-1934 ----Crystal Zimmerman ----Carl Pendergrass 4-Martha Jane Grubb 1856-1938 (Mrs. Alfred Vaught) ----Harold Haga 4-Virginia C. Grubb 1861-af70
Note: A discussion of the issue is on William's web page.

Geographic Items of Interest

-Grayson County was formed about 1792/3. Although the 1810 census for Grayson County was lost, the first Grubb families don't show up until 1840. In that year both William and Jacob are listed. From what has been found so far, it appears that most of the Grubbs in Grayson County are related to these two families.
-Mention has also been found for an Absalom Grubb on the grubbsteele webpage. The only time Grayson County is mentioned is when it says Absalom was born there on November 27, 1822. His parents are not known. It isn't known where he was married and no birth place is listed for the first four children. The 5th child, an infant, died in April 1850 in Whitley County, Kentucky. This child had probably been born there at the same time as a name was not given.
So unless further information is found, whatever family record Absaloms birthplace of Grayson County was taken from does not appear to have been accurate. (Question: If Absalom was the son of Jacob (b-1790) and wrote to his father from Iowa, the family in Iowa would only remember the more recent name of the county (i.e. Grayson) rather than the original county where he came from.)

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