*Usbaw is a batangueno word w/c means Stupid

These are wise cracks that kowsin Leo sends in between duties at the hospital where he spends almost all hours. This explains why he writes long emails, to cover each ang every isyuuu there it .... (or is it because he's afraid to be the isyu in his absentia? *uh-hum*)

USBAW SINGIT REPORT No. 2 (Subtitle: Boyito Dreams)

Mga kahmahgahnahks (pronounced with your neck veins protruding):

Gabriel Trinidad Lardizabal commonly known to relatives as Boyito, or Gabby to his barkada is in safer condition now. In fact, he will be transferring to Room 709 (saan pa eh di sa 7th floor) in a few hours. He is more fluent in speaking now, can move his left arm better than yesterday. The chances for brain surgery is getting less possible. He was already able to consume a cummulative of 1 liter of Gatorade. Diet will be preogressed soon. The one complication I noticed during his hospital stay is his insatiable desire to look at his nurses (must be genetic)
I was able to eat lunch with Uncle Butch and Eric Lardizabal yesterday at Friday's I was going to treat them, however Uncel Butch insisted on paying becasue he had a Senior Citizen's Discount card. Eh sino nga ba sa mga awnties natin ang may seniior citizen card para makapanglibre naman one of these days?...hmmmm.
BULYOT, our neophyte driver is back on the street. He claims to have overtaken a jeepney already (I bet it was parked) I suggest kowsin Eulogio to attach one of those neon splash stickers at the edges of the car para mas makita siya ng taong nag-lalakad sa sidewalk. He may also install some sirens and loudspeaker (uso naman ngayon dahil may eleksyon)
JOELLE is slowly positioning his "friend" Miles to the Ona Circles. i have not yet heard any violent objections from the awkels and awnties. The Kowsins Committee on Membership still has to convene as to what strategy of intimidation should we adopt.
Pareng ARIEL, kamusta na kayo ni Mareng Hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa nakikita ang inaanak ko. Makakapunta kaya siya sa weekend?
May CABLE na pala sa bahay ni Lola candy! Progress must really be around the corner. After returning to San Jose in more than a year, marami nang changes. First to be noticed was the additional gas stations along the road (I saw at least 3) Then there were Kenny Rogers, Racks, Ten Years After (which arrived 10 years late) etc. There was also this standout geometrically designed nazareno inspired Rural Bank in front os Candy's Place. WOW!WATAWIWAW!
Who was the wise aleck who claimed that the Calabarzon expressway is already connected from Yazaki Torres to Lipa? (my guess - she is hidding in Lipa) are absolutely bluffing. After insisting and looking for an entry point, we stumbled with one at Sto. Tomas right before the church. We did locate the highway and boy did we have a ride. After several kilometers of cruising, i thought i saw a mirage. Parang may puno sa dulo, parang putol and kalye. I still persisited and went on. After 1 more kilometer, we encountered a dead end. YES! the expressway stopped and all we could see were 2 hectares of coconut trees in front of us! Eh ano pa ang ginawa namin kundi bumalik.
NakaTATAnda (pero Star), you may email me thru para sigurado kong makikita ang padala mo.
NAS and BOOGLE i think are still having difficulty getting out of Worstar 3.0. Don't pressure them.
Do i hear that a Kowsin Convention is due sometime next month? The theme will be "Who is Mr. Lulay?" Suggestion: Can we meet at a place with no traffic, say Adriatico? Nobody brings a Benz! Please.

Kowsin Doc LEO

********USBAW FLASH REPORT ********
(Subtitle: Miles MWAHAHAHA)

IT IS CONFIRMED! The alleged friend of Kowsin Joelle, "Miles", ceases to be a myth. I have already seen, talked with and shook hands with this prospective clan applicant and all I can say is that he is real. He looks pinoy, has good manners (at least for 5 mins), cordial, proper (Joelle should be paying me for this) I happen to chance with them with their friends (hindi sila alone) at Racks by Night at Remedios Circle. By some unmistakable coincidence, Ipe was at the place visiting a barkada who happens to be the manager of the place. So together the ONA Brothers cornered this poor Joelle who was forced to introduce Miles to us. Well, so much for that. Details can be extracted from Ipe who was there for a longer period.

May gimmick nga ba? Saan ba gagawin and Kowsin's Convention? Suggested themer : "In search for Mr. Lulay."



I saw him before you did! Pero at that time sabi ni Joelle, 'friend only"! Ask the other kowsins about the encounter at the Peninsula lobby!

So Joelle, what's up? Are you taking the 5th or waiting for a more auspicious occasion to hold a press conference? Wassup cuz?

Kidding aside, he seems like a nice guy and Joelle seems so lady-like and mahinhin with him. So, Onas, draw your own conclusions now!


********USBAW FLASH REPORT No. 2 ********
(Subtitle: Miles MWAHAHAHA)

Name: Miles Mwhahaha
Patient reffered to 'Kowsins Unlimited' for clearance
Diagnosis cannot be completed due to scant data
Suggest the following Kowsins Work-up:
1. Refer to Abogada for possible involvement in a criminal or civil case
2. Psychological testing c/o Trixine
3. Educational Background/Test for literacy c/o Lulay
4. Refer to Bulyot to test for
driving proficiency
5. Refer to Boogle if he has any outstanding accounts elsewhere
6. Inform Ipe on his opinion on McDonald's (does he prefer Jollibee better than McDo?)
7. Investigate fashion background and preference c/o Tata Star
8. Is he a chauvinist? refer to Gabriela c/o Elen
9. Is he computer and internet literate? If yes, refer
Nas and Boogle to him for tutorials


dear kowsin doc,

correction lang, im not with gabriella, im with Pilipina, it's the first feminist org born at the height of martial law in tha late '70s. We're not, like, the shrill, angry women that is the stereotype of what a feminist is, which is gabriella always is. Hard line ang garbriella, kami hindi. That is why you find gabriella always on the streets marching and rallying. Kami we prefer to have a critical collaboration with gov't, lobbying congress for more women friendly laws. Our latest "truimph" is the new rape law, which was passed by congress after 9 (!!!) years of lobbying.

just so you'll be ideologically correct (he-he)... at saka baka isipin ng ating mga kamag-anaks peminista ako. Hindi pa naman. Im sure Joelle could see for herself if Miles is the gender sensitive, nonchauvinist guy.


Joelle's official reply :

i think the search for Mr. Lulay is more interesting...don't you agree?

more Isyuuuu


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