"I tawt I taw a putty tat"


Paula(daughter)Frances Finchum Barnett and Robert E. Barnett

Bobby&Dorothy Barnett(our son)Ernie&Jeri Barnett(our son)

Bill&Becky Epperson(our daughter)Brian&Nadine Coushay&daughters,Mackenzie,Kendall
(Nadine is Bill&Beckys' daughter)

Owen&Kathy Bradley-David-Alisa
(Kathy is Bill&Beckys' daughter)

Our son David Barnett and Wife Kim

David & Kims sons, Travis & Kyle --- Daughter,Jamie&David

Our Daughter,Paula Berry and Her Husband Tim Berry

Braden and Karla,his wife.(Paulas Son] [Scott Bell 1974-91-Paulas'son

Ernie&Jeri Barnett,our son.
Bob&Dorothy Barnett,our son.
Bill&Becky Epperson,our daughter.
Arnold&Gladys Finchum,my brother.

(picture at right)Mackenzie-GOLD MEDAL Winner 1998 OregonState Games(figureskating)
left-Brittney&Billy Epperson.
back&front-Mackenzie&Kendall Coushay.
right-David&Alisa Bradley.
our gr.grandkids,Becky&Bills grandkids.

HI,my name is Frances.My husband is Robert E.or Bob.We were born in Indianapolis,Indiana,and have been married for most of our lives.My Maiden name was Finchum.We raised 3 boys and 2 girls,all married.We have 14 Grandchildren and 6 Greats.We live in Tillamook,Oregon.The land of the "CHEESE-TREES-and OCEAN BREEZE". During our younger years in Indianapolis,he went to Drexel Garden Schools,I went to Fleming garden and Ben Davis.We moved to West Covina,Cal.In 1954 and lived there 21 years before moving to Oregon.Our kids grew up in ca. We have been in Oregon since 1975.We live in a country house on an acre of ground.The Wilson River is right behind our house,and what a sight that was during the flood.We are on the high side.We were on our HAM Radios during that time.We are both Amateur Radio Operaters.(HAMS)He is KK7MX - I am KC7IXJ This is where we get our e-mail address,since we are Grandparents and Hams (gghams) I have had Knitting machines for 33 years and enjoy knitting for the family. My husband likes to fish,hunt and grows enough produce to feed all of Tillamook. We got into computers about 3 years ago,and are still learning.We each have our own computer. My husband is a Mason and I am an Eastern Star for over 37 years.We belong to the local Grange If you visit my page please sign my guest book.Come back again. Have a nice day,and Thank you for visiting.
P.S.I have made my pictures a little smaller for faster loading. You can still right click on them and view image to bring them to full size.If you click on my Tripod page at the bottom of this page you will be able to view many more of my extended family. Also some of my knitting for those who would like to see them. Thank you for your patience,I am still learning,but it is fun to do.Please come back again,and sign my Guestbook so I will know you were here.Thank you.


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