Spartanburg County Deeds


Deed Book D

Pages 324 – 326 Aug 7, 1795 Elisha Garland (Pendleton Co) to Daniel Rogers (Spartanburgh); for 30 pds sterling sold 230 acres; border: James Paden; S. part of 640 acres on N. fork Forgeson’s Cr. Of Tyger River grant Dec 3, 1787 to Elisha Garland

Wit: James Wofford, SAMUEL JONES, Moses Fowler

Signed Elisha Garland’s mark

Wit oat Aug 10, 1795 Moses Fowler to Thos Moore

Rec May 10, 1796



Deed Book F

Pages 32-33 May 11, 1795 Thomas Kivil (Spartanburgh) to Reubin Gunn (same); for 42 pds 10 shillings sterling sold 180 acres on Enoree R. including mouth of Abner’s Creek; border: Stephen Cantrell; part of 500 acres survey Feb 27, 1775 by James Wofford and granted to Thomas Sitton esq who sold to Col. Richard Hampton who sold to Stephen Cantrell who sold 350 acres to Thomas Kivil.

Wit: John Kitchens, Elizabeth Jackson, and Edward Dial

Signed Thomas Kivil

Wit: oath Jun. 27, 1795 Edward Dial to Zadock Ford

Rec. Jan 16, 1798


Pages 221-222 Sept 3, 1798 James Wofford and wife Catherine ( Spartanburgh) to Thomas Price (same); for 20 pds sterling sold 100 acres on S. side Tyger River

Wit SAMUEL JONES and David McCarly

Signed James and Catherine Wofford

Wit oath Sept 3, 1798 David McCarly to George Brewton

Rec Oct 20 1798

Pages 244-245 Dec 27, 1797 JOHN JONES (Greenville Co) to Reubin Gunn (Spartanburg); for 64 pd in trade sold 100 acres on Enoree River including land where Curtis Moore now lives; border: conditional corner between Thomas Keville and Stephen Cantrell and Little Rocky Cr. ; part of 500 acres grant to Thomas Scotts Esq and sold by Richard Hampton to Stephen Cantrell who sold to JOHN JONES; plat attached dated Feb 27, 1775;



Wit oath Jun 2, 1798 WILLIAM JONES to Zadock Ford

Rec Jan 20 1799


Deed Book G

Pages 216-217 Nov. 7, 1800 Barnett Dempsey and wife Wniferd (Spartanburgh) to william Dempsey (same); for $150 sold 150 acres; border: Lockart and Flanagin; N. part of 392 acres grant Dec. 1, 1795 to Barnett Dempsey on branch of Abner’s Creek or Enoree River

Wit: Absalom Blundell, William Tippins, and David Childress

Signed: Barnett and Winiferd Dempsey’s marks

Wit oath Mar 2, 1801 Absalom Blundell to Drury McDaniel

Rec Apr 15, 1801

Pages 217-219 Nov. 8, 1800 William Demsey and wife Betsey (Spartanburgh) to Henry House (same); for $150 sold 150 acres border: Lockard and Flanagin; N part of 392 acres grant Dec 1, 1795 to Barnett Dempsey on branch of Abners’ Creek of Enoree R.

Wit: Absalom Blundell, David Childress, and William Tippins

Signed William Demsey’s mark and Elizabeth Demsey

Wit. Oath Mar 2, 1801 Absalom Blundell to Drury McDaniel

Rec. Apr 17, 1801


Pages 351-352 James Kilgore (Greenville Dist) to Newman Wilson (Spartanburgh); for $21 sold 242 acres; where Newman Wilson lives; part of 392 acres grant Dec 1, 1800 to James Kilgore on both sides Vines Fork of Abner’s Cr. Of Enoree R.

Wit: Daniel Branson and Robert Greer

Signed James Kilgore

Wit oath (Greenville Dist) Mar 17, 1801 Robert Greer to Jo Thomas Jr.

Rec. Nov 10, 1801


Deed Book H

pages 168-169 Oct 1, 1790 Matthew Jones (Lincoln Co., NC) to Thomas Phillips (Spartanburgh) for 15 pds SC money sold 142 acres on branches of Cherokee Creek and S. Side Broad River; border: NW-Powell, S-Jarfer, E-vacant, and Taylor.

Wit: Vardry McBee, Nathaniel Robertson, and Stephen Rainey

Signed: Matthew Jones

Wit: oath Oct 2, 1790 Vardry McBee to Obadiah Trimmier

Rec: Jun 14, 1804


Deed Book I


Pages 481-483 Mar 1804 Barnet Demsey (Spartanburgh) to William Wilson (same); for 10 pds sterling sold 106 acres on branch of Abnor’s Cr. Of Enoree River; part of grant to Charles Wakefield.

Wit: William Medford and Newman Wilson

Signed Barnet Demsey’s mark

Wit oath Jun 19, 1804 Newman Wilson to Denny Anderson

Rec. Oct 23, 1804


Pages 254 – 256 Jan 5, 1804 Frances Fowler (Spartanburgh) to Moses Fowler (same) for $150 sold 150 acres on Forgeson’s Creek; part of 300 acres grant S ept1, 1768 to John Martain

Wit David Moore and SAMUEL JONES

Signed Frances Fowler’s mar

Wit oath Jan 21 1804 David Moore to Denny Anderson

Rec Mar 26 1804


Deed Book K

Pages 44-45 Nov 5, 1790 William Wakefield, Jr. and John Wakefield (Spartanburgh) to William Tippin (same) ; for 110 pd sterling sold 150 acres on Peter’s Cr. Now called Abner’s Creek; part of grant Dec. 22, 1768 Gov. William Tryon (NC) to Charles Moore who sold apr 17, 1784 to William Wakefield Sr. who sold May 1, 1788 to William Wakefield, Jr. and John Wakefield.

Wit: William Wakefield Sr., David Bruton, and Joseph Hughes

Signed William Wakefield’s mark and John Wakefield

Wit oath Dec. 18, 1790 Joseph Hughs to Zadock Ford

Rec Mar 26, 1805


Pages346-347 Sept 17, 1804 James Adear (late of Spartanburgh) to Joh Puckett Esq (Laurens Dist) for $250 sold 165 acres on N. side Enoree River; border: Samuel Farrow and William Stewart; grant 150 acres May 15, 1771 to James Burton

Wit William Craig and WILLIAM JONES

Sigend James Adear Sr.

Wit oath (Laurens Co) Sept 17, 1804 William Craig to J. A. E.more

Rec Jul 7, 1806



Deed Book L.


Pages 91-93 Mar. 17, 1807 William Gibson (Spartanburgh) to Abraham Green (York Dist) for $200 sold 142 acres; border: NW-Powell and S-Taylor grant Oct 6, 1788 to Matthew Jones.

Wit: Michael Gaffney and Smith Lipscomb

Signed: William Gibson’s mark

Wit. Oath Aug 29, 1807 Smith Lipscomb to John Lipscomb

Rec: Oct 5, 1807

Dower renounced Salley Gibson to John Lipscomb Sept 22, 1807

pages 93-94 May 16, 1806 Smith Lipscomb (Spartanburgh) to William Gibson (same); for $10 sold 142 acres on branch of Cherokee Cr. On S. side Broad River; border: NW –Powell and S-Taylor; grant Oct 6, 1788 to Matthew Jones.

Wit: William Lipscomb and Joseph Collins

Signed: Smith Lipscomb

Rec: Oct 5, 1807

Dower renounced Agness Lipscomb to John Lipscomb Aug 29, 1807


pages 362-363 Aug. 14, 1807 James Kilgore (Greenville Dist) to William Nelson (Spartanburgh); for $312 sold 156 Acres where William Nelson lives; on branch of Abnor’s Creek; border: WILLIAM JONES, SAMUEL JONES, William Mayfield, and James Kilgore; part of 500 acres grant Jun 23, 1774 to Robert Philip.

Wit: Robert Mason and Felix Vaughan

Signed: James Kilgore

Wit. Oath Nov 7, 1808 Robert Mason to Dan’l Wilbanks

Rec: Nov 7, 1808


Pages 423 – 424 Jan 10, 1806 Middleton Shurbutt (Spartanburgh) to SAMUEL JONES (same); for $200 sold 61 acres on S. side on Tyger River; border: N-Solomon Littlefield and Isaac Crow, W –Joseph Wofford, and SE- Alexander Dunlap

Wit John Wright and Thomas Wright

Signed Middleton Shurbutt

Wit oath Aug 31, 1807 Thomas Wright to Drury McDaniel

Rec Feb 6, 1809


Deed Book M

Pages 351-352 Dec 27, 1800 WilliamJones (Abbeville Co) to William Rickmon (Spartanburgh); for 18 pds sterling sold 300 acres on People’s Creek of Broad River; border: all vacant.

Wit David Sloan and Henry Ledbetter

Signed WILLIAM JONES’ mark

Wit oath Mat 11, 1801 (Pendleton Dist) Henry Ledbetter to John Vernon

Rec Jan 21, 1811


Deed Book Q

Page 1-2 Dec 27, 1817 John Crocker and Nathaniel Woodruff (Spartanburgh), executors of Joseph Woodruff desc (by his will) to Anne Woodruff (same); for $336 sold 138 acres on Jemmies Creek of Tygar River; plat attached shows border: Thomas Woodruff, Josiah Woodruff, Wm. Hendricks, Wm Jones, and Wm. L. Allen; land was sold at publick auction

Wit Baily Adams and Caleb Allen

Signed John Crocker and Nathaniel Woodruff

Wit oath Mar 26, 1818 Caleb Allen to Samuel Woodruff


Pages 30-31 Aug 24, 1808 Pennewell Wood (Spartanburgh) to JOHN JONES (same); for (money omitted) sold 57 acres on waters of Abner’s Creek of Enoree River; border: Benjamin Wood, JOHN JONES, Markbe, Thomas Cave, and John Wood.

Wit John Wood and James Wood

Signed Pennewell Wood

Wit oath Dec 1, 1810 James Wood to Tyre Glenn


Pages 68 – 70 Jul 6, 1818 James Hunt, sheriff (Spartanburgh) to Jane (or Sara) Bobo (same); for $50 sold 600 acres on Furguson’s Creek; oath attached shows border: John Means, David Brewton, John Brewton, James Brewton, Wm. Westmoreland, Wm Jones, Josiah Woodruff, Wm. Hendricks, John Crocker, and Nathaniel Woodruff; sale due to writ from Spartanburgh Common Pleas Court wuit Samuel Farrow vs Thomas Bragg, administrator of spencer Bobo desc when Laban P. Poole was sheriff; James Hunt is successor of L. P. Poole; sale Jul 7, 1817

Wit William N. Miller and David Golightly

Signed Jas Hunt

Wit oath Jul 7, 1818 W. N. Miller to A. Benson

Rec Jul 27, 1818


Deed Book R

Pages 32-34 Nov 23 1818 SAMUEL JONES (Spartanburgh) to William Hendricks (same); for $270 sold 150 acres on S. Side or Reedy Fork of Abner’s Creek of Enoree River; border; Henry Wood, Benjamin Wood, Reuben Mayfield, William Hughes, and Lewis Jones

Wit James Hendricks and William Hughes


Wit oath Aug 17, 1819 James Hendricks to Thomas Wood

Rec Apr 10, 1820

Dower renounced Nov 24, 1818 Bethier Jones to Thomas Wood


Page 110-111 Sept 3, 1820 Jonathan Crook (Spartanburgh) to Caleb Allen (same); for $160 sold 85 acres on James’ Creek of Tyger River

Wit WILLIAM JONES, SM, Joel G. Brewton, and Thomas woodruff

Signed Jonathan Crook

Wit oath Sept 4, 1820 Joel G. Brewton to John Brewton

Rec Sept 4, 1820


Pages 263-264 Feb 3, 1814 Spencer Bobo to SAMUEL JONES; for $210 sold 140 acres on James’ Creek of erguson’s Creek; border: Moore and Lindsey’s Spring Br; includes a house and apple orchard

Wit WILLIAM JONES and Samuel H. Woodruff

Signed S. Bobo

Wit oath Mar 31, 1821 WILLIAM JONES to John Brewton

Rec May 9, 1821

Dower renounced Jul 4, 1815 Jane Bobo to Drury McDaniel


Pages 264-266 Mar 3, 1821 Josiah Woodruff (Spartanburgh) to WILLIAM JONES (same) for $470 sold 150 acres part of grant Gov William Moultrie to John Hendrix; resurvey Sept 27, 1815 by Jesse Wofford

Wit Thomas Woodruff III, Philip Pilgrim and Eli Cox

Signed Joseiah Woodruff

Wit oath Apr 5, 1821 Thomas Woodruff III to John Brewton

Rec May 9, 1821

Dower renounced Mar 16, 1821 Margaret Woodruff to John Brewton

Pages 346-347 Jan 17, 1821 James Childress (Spartanburgh) to William Hendrix (same); for $105 sold 93 acres on S. side of Reedy fork of Abner’s Creek of Enoree River; border: Lewis Jones, John T. King, William Hendrix, Wm. Hugh, and WILLIAM JONES; includes where James Childress lives.

Wit: William Hughes and Elizabeth Hughes

Signed: James Childress

Wit: oath Feb 20, 1821 William Hughes to Thomas Wood

Rec Nov 10, 1821


Pages 367-368 Henry Wade (Spartanburgh) to Matthew Jones (same); for $250 sold 203 acres on both sides of Abner’s Cr. Of Enoree R; includes where Henry Wade lives; border: Charles Baker, Lewis Jones, William Hughes, Levi Demsey, Isham Wilson, Joseph Hughes, and John Cargeles; part of (1) 282 acres and (2) 311 acres (part of 396 acres grant Jun. 5, 1797 to John Denis) and (3) 500 acres grant Jun 23, 1774 to Robert Filas, 200 acres grant to John Dempsey and 3 acres agrant to Robert Files.

Wit: William Hughes and Joseph Hughes

Signed Henry Wade’s mark and Dicy Wade

Wit: oath Nov 10, 1821 Joseph Hughes to Thomas Wood

Rec: Nov 12, 1821

Deed Book S

Page 83 Mar 22, 1821 William Lindsey (Spartanburgh) to John Childress (same); for $1,050 sold 57 acres on branch on E. side of Enoree River; border: SAMUEL JONES and Henry Pearson; part of grant to John Tate who sold to William Lindsey

Wit James W. Cantrell and Drury Cox

Signed William Lindsey’s mark

Wit oath Apr 4, 1821 James W. Cantrell to Thomas Wood

Rec Aug 26, 1822


Pages 140-141 Nov 23, 1814 SAMUEL JONES (Spartanburgh) to John King (same); for $90 sold 165 acres on N. side of Ried fork of Abner Creek of Enoree River; border: JOHN JONES, Caves, William Nelson, Penman, William Johnson, and William Williamson.

Wit James Hendricks and WILLIAM JONES


Wit oath Jan 5, 1815 James Hendricks to James Hammett

Rec Jan 10, 1823

Dower renounced Dec 29, 1814 Bethyer Jones to Drury McDaniel

Pages 148-149 Mar 23, 1822 William Mayfield (Spartanburgh) to William Grisham (same); for $400 sold 358 acres on both sides Buncombe road at head of branch of Abner’s Creek; border; Bayles Earle and William Nellson

Wit William Hughes and thomas Grisham

Signed William and Jane Mayfield’s marks

Wit oath May 13, 1822 Thomas Grisham to F. H. Legg

Rec Feb 3, 1823

Dower renounced Jul 3, 1822 Jane Mayfield to Thomas Wood


Pages 302-303 Mar. 25, 1823 Mathew Jones (Spartanburgh) to Isham Willson (same); for $90 sold 60 acres on Abner’s Cr. Of Enoree R. part of grant to John Demsy.

Wit: James Leonard and William Hughes

Signed Mathew Jones

Wit: oath Jan 30 1824

Dower renounced Jan 30, 1824 Elizabeth Jones to Thomas Wood

Pages 414-415 Oct. 11, 1819 Mathew Jones (Spartanburgh) to Black Isaac, "that formerly belonged to Joshua Benson" (same); for $225 sold 156 acres on branches of Abner’s Creek of Enoree R: border: Elijah (a black) and William Williamson.

Wit: William Hughes and Benjamin Wood

Signed: Mathew Jones

Wit. Oath Dec 27, 1820 Benjamin Wood to Thomas Wood

Rec. Nov. 9, 1824

Dower renounced Oct 20, 1819 Elizabeth Jones to Thomas Wood


Deed Book T


Pages 45-46 Nov 6, 1824 Thomas Hobby (Spartanburgh) to William Stone (same); for $900 sold 206 acres on N. side of Enoree River; Border: Daniel McKie; part of two grants: (1) Oct 3, 1785 to Jennet Berry who sold to William Berry and (2) sold by James Lanford to "said" Barry and sold by William Berry to John Hobby who sold to Thomas Hobby.

Wit WILLIAM JONES SM and William Terry, Jr.

Signed Thomas Hobby

Wit oath Nov 4, 1824


Pages 83-84 Apr 13, 1824 Matthew V. Jones (Spartanburgh) to Lester and McCrary (Greenville Dist); for $100 sold 150 acres on Abner’s Creek of Enoree River; Border: William McHughs, William Hendrix, Jr., William Mayfield, John Cargale, Joseph Hughes Sr., Isham Wilson and "others"; part of tract sold by Henry Wade to Matthew V. Jones

Wit William Hughes and John Duncan

Signed Matthew V. Jones

Wit oath Apr 15, 1825 William Hughes to Jesse Hammett

Rec Jun 24, 1825


Pages 186-187 Dec 10, 1825 Mathew Jones (Spartanburgh) to Archibald Holtzclaw and Elizjah Holtzclaw (same) for $150 sold 150 acres where Mathew Jones lives; border: Charles Barker, william Hendrix, William Hughes, lJames Hendrix, John Wilson, Joseph Hughes and John Cargile; part of 311 acres that is (1) part of 396 ac grant Jan 5, 1797 to John Demsey and (2) part of 500 acres grant Jun 23, 1774 to Robert Felps; "200 acres on tract (1) and 3 acres of (2) or 203 acres total on both sides of Abner’s Cr. Of Enoree R".

Wit William Hughes and William J. Wood

Signed Mathew Jones

Wit oath Dec 10, 1825 William Hughes to Thomas Wood

Rec Mar 6, 1826

Dower renounced Dec 10, 1825 Elizabeth Jones to Thomas Wood

Page 187 Thomas Cave (Spartanburgh) to WILLIAM JONES (same) for $300 sold 282 acres on both sides of Abner’s Cr. Of Enoree River includes where Thomas Cave lives; border; Barnett Demsey, William Hughes, Jones, and John Cargile; grant Jun 5, 1797 to John Demsy.

Wit William Hughes and Lewis Jones

Signed Thomas Cave and Elizabeth’s mark

Wit oath Dec 16, 1825 William Hughes to Thomas Wood

Rec Mar 6, 1826


Pages 191 WILLIAM JONES (Spartanburg ) to Henry Wade (same); for $250 sold 282 acres; includes where Henry Jenkins lives; border: John Cargele, Lewis Jones, William Hughes, Lucy Demsey, James Willson, and Joseph Hughes; part of 311 acres that is part of (1) 396 acres grant Jun 5, 1797 to John Demsey and (2) part of 500 acres grant Jun 23 1774 to Robert Felps; "200 acres of tract (1) and 30 acres of tract (2) on both sides of Abner’s Creek of Enoree River:.

Wit William Hughes and George Barker

Signed William and Avarilla Jones’ marks

Wit oath Dec 16, 1825 William Hughes to Thomas Wood

Rec Mar 6, 1826


Pages 205-206 Dec 3, 1825 Isaac Leatherwood (Spartanburgh) to William Scott (same) ; for $550 sold 100 acres on S. side of James Creek of Tyger River.

Wit Peter N. Bragg and William SM

Signed isaac Leatherwood

Wit oath Jan 23, 1826 Peter N. Bragg to James Crook

Rec Apr 11, 1826

Dower renounced Jan 23, 1826 Delilah Leatherwood to James Crook


Pages 359 – 360 1827 John Pearson (Spartanburgh) to Thomas Pearson (same); for $300 sold 115 acres on waters Enoree River. Border: John Pearson, Isaac Lindsey, Moes Fowler and John Fowler and "others"; sold by Daniel McKie Jr., attorney for Daniel McKie Sr. to John Pearson

Wit William L. Allen and WILLIAM JONES

Signed John Pearson

Wit oath Mar 23, 1827 WILLIAM JONES to James Ford

Rec Apr 9, 1827


Deed Of Conveyance South Carolina Spartanburg District

Averilla Jones, widow to John Jones

Know all men by these presents that I Averilla Jones widow of said district in the state aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of two installments paid to the ordinary for my lot land of the real estate of William Jones, decd, cash installment being twenty-five dollars paid by John Jones my son of Spartanburgh in the state aforesaid. I have granted bargained sold and released and by these presents to grant bargain sell and release unto the said John Jones son of William all that tract or parcel of land containing twenty-three acres situate in said district on Abner’s Creek of Enoree beginning on a poplar by a ford on said creek thence up the meanders of said creek to a W.O.X3 E. Holtzclaw’s corner thence S. 40 W 11 to a chesnut X3 thence N. 48 W10.50 to a stake thence S69 W11 to a rock X at the head of a lain thence S66.E8.50 to a B Gun X3 thence N87 E27.50 to the beginning including all in these bounds for twenty three acres more or less it being part of the real estate of Wm Jones deceased, which was over and above my third of said estate for which I was bound to pay to the ordinary fifty dollars for said extra. Together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances to the said premises belonging or in any wise incident or appurtaining to have and to hold al and singular the premises before mentioned unto the said John Jones his heirs and assigns forever and I do hereby bind minself my heirs executors and adminstrators to warrant and forever defend al and singular the said premises unto the said John Jones his heirs and assigns against me and my heirs and against every person whosoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any past thereof

Witness my hand and seal this fourteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred forty-two and in the sixty-fifth year of the independence of the United States of American Equipment

Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of

Nicy Jones

James Leonard

Thorton Jones Averilla Jones

South Carolina, S partanburg Dist

Personally appeared Thorton Jones before me and made oath he did see Averilla Jones sign seal and as act and deed deliver the within area for the use and purposes therein mentioned and then that he saw James Leonard and Nicy Jones with h imself, was a subscribing witness to the same

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 21st day of Feby 1845

Isham Wood, Magt. Thorton Jones

Registered, examined and certified the 26 February 1845 to J Jones.


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