Compiled by Elaine Covington & Myrtle Brannon Rogers

left William Lewis Brannon and Joe Brannon, when young brothers, came to this country from Ireland about 1830. William settled in North Carolina, and Joe went further south. William Lewis Brannon married Levina Hill, in Haywood County, North Carolina, in 1836. She was the daughter of Mary and Green Hill from North Carolina. Following marriage the William Lewis Brannon family came to Cades Cove, Tennessee, raised a family of ten children, then moved to Maryville, Tennessee and is buried there. These ten children were:

1 Martha Ann Brannon, born 5 February 1837 in Cades Cove, married john W Bolin and died in Birmingham. Alabama.

2 Green Asbury Brannon, born August 1839, married Nancy Ann Flag and died in Marysville.

3 Noah Alexander Brannon, born January 1842, in Cades Cove, married Martha P Holden and next Sallie E Lillard. Noah died in Pulaski, TN. He spent two years in Union prisons.

4 Mary Tebitha Brannon, born 7 February 1844, married John Bated, a Confederate soldier, for which her family abandoned her and the couple went to California.

5 Wade Hill Brannon, born 21 May 1847, moved to Texas.

6 Jonathan William Brannon, born 11 November 1849, died in Versailles. He came to the Tenth District from Cades Cove; married Martha Jane Whitehead and lived on the Mt Pleasant Road. Their 8 children were:

1 Mollie Brannon, born 1878, married Tom Heath, born 1876, and lived one mile from Versailles, raised Pearlie Mai James, who married Clifford Uselton.

2 Noah Brannon, born 1879, married Grace Walden, born 1885. They lived a while in the Snail Shell Cave area in front of the Silas Evans place, and most likely had the first sawmill there. Their three children were: Ruth, Nannie Lee and Catherine. The saw mill was near Nannie Cave.

3 Jimmie D (Jim) Brannon, born 1882, married Cora E Lamb, born 1888. They lived about three-fourths mile from Versailles on the Mt Pleasant Road and their five children were: Mattie B. Mary D, Lewis, Ralph, and Virginia. Lewis married Mattie P Adcock and lives at the old Brannon place of Jonathan William Brannon, his grandfather, on the Mt Pleasant Road.

4 Johnnie B Brannon, born 1884, married Julia Burns, born 1889. They lived at several places through the years. Most of their children were born in Versailles and the Tenth District. Julia is now aged and lives with daughter Myrtle in the Longview Area. Their ten children were: Charlie, Myrtle, Irvin B, Roscoe, E Lorene, Mattie Lou, J.B., George J, Robert Swain , Lyndel. All married. Most have families. Charlie and Roscoe are deceased.

5 Lela Bell Brannon, born 1886, married N Wash Powers, Sr, born 1885 ( see Powers family). Their eight children were: Gerald, Thelma, Eron, Pauline, Lucile, Lela Mai, Wash Jr, and a baby girl that died at birth with her mother.

6 Sam Brannon, married Clyde _____ and their children are Arthur Lee, Sammie, Mary Elizabeth and perhaps others. This family lived in Chattanooga.

7 Grover Brannon, born 20 August 1891, married Rebecca Read. Their children were: Parrie, Audrey, and Mary Elmer. (See Read Family). This family lived in Nashville and later on the Mt Pleasant Road half a mile from Versailles.

8 Horace (Bish) Brannon and wife, Elsie, raised a family in Toledo Ohio.

7 Josiah Lemons Brannon, born 16 May 1852, accompanied brother, Wade, to TX.

8 Armintha Elizabeth Brannon, born on October 1854, married Henry F Whitehead, who burned to death. Armintha died 19 November 1909 and is buried in Wheel, TN. They lived in Versailles area and ran a grist mill near the Bedford County line.

9 William Adams (Dad) Brannon, born 20 February 1857, died in Rockvale TN in 1940. He came to the Rockvale area, Tenth District, from Caves Cove. He first married Tennessee Elizabeth Lamb, 13 April 1882, and their two children were Richard Lee and Minus Hill (Mike). After "Tennie's" death "Dad" married Coquilla Floyd Featherston, her second also.

1 Richard Lee Brannon, (1884-1949) married Allie Whitehead, daughter of Sam Whitehead, and they lived most of their years in the Rockvale area. Their ten children were: Aubrey W; Ruby Brannon Walden; Claud (Pink), who was killed in the Philippines in 1944 in World War II; Faye and Raye were twins; Sammie Lee and Roger were twins also--Roger died at birth; Jack married Sandra Delbridge and lives in Rockvale; Thomas married Virginia Tassy and lives in Salem.

2 Minus Hill (Mike) Brannon, born 12 January 1883, died 5 January 1970 and married Annie Laura Covington, born 4 July 1891, died 14 February 1960. Their four children are:

1 William Lee Brannon, born 1 October 1907, married Virginia Duncan, born 18 September 1910, and was a pharmacist in Birmingham for years.

2 Lena Mai Brannon, born 4 July 1910, died 30 November 1966, married Howard Scott, born 10 November 1903, died 6 August 1956.

3 Minus H Brannon, Jr died a few hours after birth.

4 John Arnette Brannon, born 28 February 1917, married June Cooke and their children are John Michael, Marjorie, and William Collins. All three have families. Arnette has lived in the Tenth District on the Whitus Road for about 27 years.

5 Earl Collins Brannon, born 29 April 1919, married Lena E Ryan and lives on Highway 99 between Murfreesboro and Triune.

10 Samuel Pride Brannon, born 9 April 1859, married Tennie Holden and died in Lawrenceburg TN.

Only Jonathan William Brannon and William Adams Brannon remained in the Versailles and Tenth District area.