The Carltons are fair-skinned, blue-eyed, usually blond and short to medium in statue. They are good-natured, affectionate and love to sing.

Richard Carlton (Ca 1720-ca 1790)whose wife Mary _______, was born either in Chester PA or Argyleshire, Scotland. He is listed in the 1739 North Carolina Colonial Record, Chowan County, and received a land grant in Craven County, Province of North Carolina, 4 June 1740. He was a foot soldier commanded by Capt. Thomas Graves in Craven County, January 1751. His will presented 6 May 1790, in Craven County NC, names issue: John, Richard, Thomas, Blake, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Lydia, Frankey and Samuel.

Blake Carlton, Sr (1750-December 1783), son of Richard and Mary, married 23 August 1773, Fesiba Heath (1750-?).

Known issue: Blake Carlton, Jr (1774-1780) Benajah Carlton (1782-1850) Thomas H Carlton (ca 1785-?)

Benajah Carlton and his brother, Thomas H Carlton, are the ancestors of all the Carltons in the Versailles Tenth District. They were two of three known grandsons of Richard Carlton.

Benajah Carlton (17 Oct 1782-Oct 1850), married Mary _____ (1780-25 Dec 1847), came to Rutherford County TN before the 1810 census. Benajah purchased a total of 419 acres of land in the area of Overall Creek and Armstrong Valley Road, Rutherford County, and received 99 acres in two land grants from the State of Tennessee, between 1816 and 1831.

Known issue:

William Carlton 1812-1847 Blake Carlton 1814-1856 Kenion Carlton 1815-1850 Frances Carlton born ca 1815/1820 Louisa Carlton 1818-? Nancy Carlton 1820-? Martha Ann Carlton 1823-1874

I William Carlton married 23 May 1832, Emily "Milly" Rucker (1808-?). Issue: 1 Benajah Carlton (1834-1883) married 30 Sept 1859 to Elizabeth Crick (15 Apr 1836-12 March 1913), daughter of Edmond and Josephine Andrews Crick. Benajah was a Tennessee Walking Horse Trainer and a Baptist minister. After his death, his family moved to Winona, Mississippi.

2 John Abner Carlton (22 Feb 1837-15 May 1911) married 7 March 1856 to wife #1, Louisa A Haynes (22 Ect 1839-25 Sept 1887), daughter of Nathaniel and Minerva Haynes. John A was a Baptist Minister, and he also served as Rutherford County Trustee (ca 1905). John A and Louisa lived near Windrow Road and Old Jackson Ridge Road, where the Carlton Cemetery is located.
Issue:(1) William J Carlton (21 July 1857-26 Oct 1858)
(2) Julia R Carlton (10 Jan 1859-May 1931) married 29 Sept 1877 to Thomas A Rutledge. Lived at Jackson Ridge, Issue: 8 children
(3) James N Carlton (7 Apr 1860-July 1936), married Annis Williams. Issue: 5 children
(4) Sarah E Carlton (9 Apr 1862-?) married Dave R Hale. Moved to Arkansas. Issue: 7 children.
(5) John A M Carlton, died as a small child.
(6) Nancy J Carlton (14 Dec 1865-?) married Joe H Drye. Moved to Naxhville. Issue 7 children.
(7) Emily Ellen Carlton (17 Dec 1865-Sept 1918) married 28 Apr 1887 to G W Burns. Lived at Jackson Ridge. Issue: 7 children. See Burns.
(8)Louisa A Carlton (4 April 1870-15 June 1958) married 5 Oct 1910 to George Shoemaker. Lived at Eagleville. Issue: 1 daughter.
(9)Margaret M Carlton (4 Jan 1872-25 Oct 1941) married to J R Walden. Moved to Nashville. Issue: 3 children.
(10) Thomas B Carlton (14 Dec 1873-20 May 1955) married 1918 to Drucilla Scales. Lived in Murfreesboro. Issue: 3 children.

(11) Martha t Carlton (31 Dec 1875-March 1902) married Willie Williams. Lived at Rockvale. Issue:
a Josie Lee Williams (17 July 1894-?) married A C Brown.
b Oscar Williams (17 Feb 1896-?) married Miriam ________.
c Mae Belle Williams died young.
d Richard A Williams (14 Feb 1899-?) married #1 Nettie Mae Frazier, and had issue of Willie Floyd Willians and married #2 Pearl Hall, and had issue of Allen Williams.
e Mattie Lou Williams (20 Dec 1900-?) married Sammie Lee Holton, son of Sam and Delia J (Carlton) Holton.

(12) Delia Josie Carlton (9 March 1878-6 July 1848) marrioed Sam Holton, son of John R Holton and wife #2. Lioved at Eagleville. Issue:
a Sammie Lee Holton marriesd Mattie Lou Williams
b John A Holton married ?
c Susie A Holton married first, Earl Hanson, and second, Howard Ralston
d Nannie Lou Holton married Roscoe Frost.
e Cora Mai Holton died as a child.
f Jessie Ray Holton married Edith Haeger.
g Eunice Pearl Holton married Charles Tracy.
h Marie S Holton married #1 Charles Daly, #2 Steve Bennett, #3 Bill Neece.
i Margaret Carlton Holton married Raymond Frost.
j Emily Ellen Holton married Earl Vaughan
k Marietta Holton married Kyle Kaufman.

(13) Mary Etta Carlton (28 Apr 1880-Nov 1941) married Willie Bennett. Moved to Nashville. Issue: 6 children.

(14) Lillie Carlton (8 Dec 1884-Sept 1910) married 24 Dec 1905 to Leonard Morgan. Lived at Rockvale. Issue: 2 children.
John A Carlton married 7 March 1889 to #2 wife, Mrs Lucinda C (Williams) Kreuger (24 Jan 1858- June 1899). Lucinda hand a daughter by her first marriage; Caroline Kreuger married 10 Dec 1893 to W Oscar Inglis. They moved to Texas. John A and Lucinda had issue:
(1) Robert S Carlton (18 May 1890-?) married 20 Oct 1907 to Clemmie Little. Issue: 9 children
(2) Cora Carlton (26 Oct 1891-22 Dec 1981) married 8 May 1910 to Fisher Boyce. Issue: 8 children.
(3) Nora Carlton (26 Oct 1891-3 Nov 1953) married 23 July 1916 to John N Covington. See Covington.
(4) Samuel G Carlton (7 Nov 1893-7 Nov 1917)
(5) Alfred B Carlton 6 Apr 1896-21 Nov 1968) married 13 Dec 1917 to Lonnie White. Issue:
a Annie Ruth Carlton, Ph.D., teacher at OSU
b Sammie Carlton married Sam Farris
c James Alfred Carlton married Janice Harris
d Charles Carlton married Hazel Manire.

(6) Francis "Frank" A Carlton (9 June 1897-27 May 1933) married 19 Nov 1916 to Mary Rucker Vaughan. Issue:
a Mary Frances Carlton(20 Dec 1917-?) married Dowe Tomlin
b Richard Carlton (1 Dec 1919-?) married Marjorie Crick
c Lou Ellen Carlton (4 Apr 1922-?) married #1 Paul Crick, #2 Fred Hall.
d Julia Marie Carlton (1 July 1924-?) married #1 A Chapman, #2 R Kenny.
e Rubye Carlton (13 May 1926-?) married #1 P Tolliver. #2 Al Mays
f John A Carlton (25 Feb 1928-) married #1 C Armstrong, #2 Mildred _____.
g Marvin Carlton (29 Dec 1930-?) married Helen King.
h Dean Carlton (28 Aug 1932-?)Carlton Married Ed Cunningham.

(7) B W Carlton (14 Feb 1899-12 July 1975) married 18 Nov 1917 to Pearl Simmons. Issue:
a M B Carlton (9 Oct. 1918-?) married Annie Ruth Tolbert.
b Henry Carlton (12 Jan 1921-?) married Frances Barrett.
c William Carlton (19 July 1922-?) married Emma Lois Baker.
d Margaret Carlton (22 Feb 1923-?) married Ralph Brannon.
e Alene Carlton (13 June 1925-?) married Wilburn Moore.
f Houston Carlton (27 March 1927) married Ruth Cooper.
g Edward Elam Carlton (24 April 1933-?) married Evelyn Dalton.

John A Carlton married wife #3, Julia A Lamb, after Lucinda died, but had no issue.

II Blake Carlton (11 Jan 1814-17 Aug 1856) married 22 October 1835 tp Mary Walker (17 march 1818-27 May 1898). Issue:
1 William Jefferson Carlton (18 Oct 1837) married ca 1860, Sarah J Spence, second to Nancy Williams. (See William Jefferson Carlton Family).
2 James M Carlton (born 1939) married Lizzie Drumwright.
3 John N Carlton (born 1841) married Sallie Patterson.
4 Julia A Carlton (born 1843) married Robert Whitus. (See Whitus Family).
5 Margaret E Carlton (born 1845) married first, Robert Smotherman, and second, Dr J N Dykes.
6 Mary J Carlton (born 1847).
7 Martha Carlton married John Lofton.
8 Jennie Carlton married Billy Floyd
9 Thomas F Carlton (born 7 March 1853) married Buena Parsons.
10 Minos Benajah Carlton (born 5 May 1855-4 Jan 1930) married 26 July 1883 to Tabitha Nance (born 21 March 1864). (See Minos Benajah Carlton Family).
11 Renda Carlton (no data).

III Kenion Carlton (1815-5 1880) married 1st Hannah Walker (3 Sept 1820-Oct 1859) and 2nd, Margaret Holder. Issue:
1 Nancy A Carlton (born 1844)
2 Lucinda L Carlton (born 1846)
3 Richard O Carlton (born 1849)
4 Sallie A Carlton
5 Francis Marion Carlton (born 14 June 1851-20 Sept 1906). (See Francis Marion Carlton Family).

IV Frances Carlton (born between 1815 and 1820) married 28 July 1836, John Creek (Crick)

V Louisa Carlton (born 13 April 1818) married 18 Dec 1835 to Alexander C Rutledge.

VI Nancy Carlton (born 18 March 1820) married 27 Sept 1835 to Willis Jackson (24 Sept 1810- 1 Aug 1869).

VII Martha Ann Carlton (8 Sept 1823-10 April 1874)

Thomas H Carlton (ca 1785-____), married ca 1810, wife unknown, the sone of Blake Carlton (ca 1750-Dec 1783), also grandson of Richard Carlton (1720), had issue: Thomas Harrison Carlton, Jr and daughter (no data).

Thomas Harrison Carlton, Jr (1835-1918) married Catherine Lawrence Jackson, widow of John F Jackson, in 1864. She was the daughter of William H Lawrence and Judith Edwards (1807-1886) who married in 1823.
William H Lawrence and Judith Edwards had 7 children:
1 Mary Elizabeth Lawrence (1826-1880)
2 Martha Lawrence (1828-1870)
3 Sarah Catherine Lawrence (1830-1882) married 1st John F Jackson and produced two children Sooky Jackson (1851-1924) and Sallie Jackson (1885___)
4 Judith Morton Lawrence (1832-1890)
5 William Lawrence (1834-1862)
6 Nancy Tennessee Lawrence (1836-1892) She was named for all of her aunts. Thus her full name was Nancy Ashburn Martha Annie Lee Sally Sciota Mary Tennessee Lawrence Whitworth Carlton.
7 Susan America Lawrence (1838-1863)

Thomas Harrison Carlton, Jr and Catherine Lawrence Jackson produced four children:
1 Cassie Jo Carlton (24 March 1868-19 Sept 1937) married Monroe Crick
2 Robert (Bob) Benjamin Carlton (15 May 1872-14 Oct 1937) (See Bob Carlton Family)
3 Fannie Carlton (20 June 1866-1901)
4 John Carlton(1870-1913)

William Jefferson Carlton Family
Compiled by Carmine Jackson

William Jefferson Carlton (1837-1912) was the son of Blake Carlton (1814-1856). William Jefferson Carlton first married Sarah Spence; their only child was Jimmie, who lived in Texas. William Jefferson Carlton's second marriage was to Nancy Virginia Williams, daughter of Nelson Williams of the Midland Community.

On 20 Sept 1899, William J. Carlton and his wife received the deed to the 162 acre farm that was originally a part of the Francis Jackson land, at that time owned by Thomas Newton Jackson. This property lies between the Francis Jackson II acreage on the north and the Nance farm on the south in the northern edge of Versailles, presently known as the Justin Hale Farm.

William J. Carlton and Nancy Williams Carlton became the parents of 3 sons, William Blake, Clay and John D, and four daughters, Addie, Mollie, Lizzie, and Ella. About 1886, their daughter, Addie, married Charles W Hale, a man from a northern state who was in business in Springfield Tennessee. A short time after this, Blake and Clay left Versailles, moved to Springfield, and entered the grocery business. Later Clay moved to Pulaski, Virginia, established a ladies ready-to-wear store, married, had a family of his own, and spent the rest of his life there.

Blake met Ellen Avery, a daughter of the Avery Plow Manufacturers of Galesburg, Illinois. Ellen was visiting her aunt who lived in Springfield. While Blake and Ellen sang in the same church choir, she persuaded him to enter the Conservatory of Music at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. After Blake and Ellen were married and established in their own Galesburg home, they had the two sons of his sister, Addie, to live with then and attend Knox College. Blake graduated from the Conservatory and gained a position teaching voice Charles Hale, Jr (son of Addie) took the academic course at Knox College, married Ethel Elsworth, entered a business career, and had a family f=of his own. Justin Carlton Hale (son of Addie) studied agriculture at Knox College, returned to his grandfather's farm at Versailles, married Jimmie Dee Maxwell, and devoted the rest of his life to farming. Justin and Jimmie Dee became the parents of 1 child, Justin Carlton Hale, Jr, who married Mary Ann Mcknight. Justin, Jr is in business in Hopkinsville, KY, but continues to own and supervise the ancestral farm, now devoted to raising hay and cattle.

In 1912, William Blake Carlton and his wife, Ellen, moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Blake taught voice at Tennessee College for Women. Their five children were: Margaret Carlton, married Roy Norris: Esther Carlton, married William W Travis; Jean Carlton married Harold Baggett; Ellen Avery Carlton, married Lawrence Anderson; William Blake, Jr, married Alice Washington.

John D Carlton, the third and youngest sone of William J and Nancy Carlton, studied at Vanderbilt University, became an eye specialist at Union City, Tennessee, where he married Curry Gooch and spent the rest of his life.

After the death of Charles W Hale, Sr, Addie Carlton Hale returned to her father's Versailles home where she spent the rest of her life. Two other daughters of this family, Molly and Lizzie Carlton married two sons of Thomas Newton Jackson, Andrew and Jasper. After a number of years spent in the Versailles- Rockvale area, Mollie and Andrew Jackson, with their two sons, Lester and Ralph, moved to Murfreesboro. Andrew became a traveling salesman. Lizzie and Jasper Jackson moved to Nashville; their two children were Virginia and Jim Blake. Ella Carlton, the fourth daughter, married Freeland Jackson (see the N.R. (Boat) Jackson family).

The Minos Benajah Carlton Family
Information from family members
Mary Ralston, John Carlton and others

Minos Benajah Carlton (5 May 1855-4 Jan 1930) , son of Blake Carlton (1814-1856) and Mary Walker (1818-1898), married 26 July 1883, Tabitha Estella Nance, daughter of Frank Nance and Nannies Hight. (Se Nance family)

"Tab" and "Miney" Carlton lived on a farm about three-fourths mile from Rockvale toward Murfreesboro on now Highway 99. "Tab" claimed to have first applied the name of "Rockvale" to the area. Both are buried in unmarked graves out the Snail Shell Cave Road as are her sister, Julie Ann and Bob Whitus.

Eight children all born on the farm were:
1 Leila Estella Carlton (18 May 1884-14 Dec 1909)

2 Beulah Mai Carlton (18 April 1886-3 June 1950) married William Edward Barnes (4 Dec 1875-Sept 1973), a relative of the Versailles Barnes. The family lived in Abingdon, Virginia and had four children:
(a) Willie Mai Barnes (born 19 Aug 1909) married Alvis Soyars (born 9 Dec 1903). The Soyars children are: Thomas Edward, Jane, Elizabeth (Betty), and James Alvis, Jr. Jane and Betty have families.
(b) Leila Carlton Barnes (born 18 July 1911) married John Sullins Cunningham (25 Nov 1909-15 Oct 1936) had one child, Leila Ann Cunningham (born 21 May 1935). She has a family. Leila Barnes (Cunningham) next married Joel Franklin Hortense and had two children: Joel Carlton Hortense and James Edward Hortense, who has a family.
(c) William Edward Barnes Jr (born 25 June 1914) married Katherine Gilmer, later married Belle Long.
(d) Minos Lee Barnes (born 25 Oct 1917) married Virginia Pauline Oaks (born 24 Aug 1911). Their chosen adopted son is William Lee Barnes (born 24 June)1948).

3 Ira Earnest (Bud) Carlton (7 April 1888-27 March 1974) married Sarah Catherine (Kate) Window (5 Jan 1889-16 July 1963) moved and lived at the Carlton home place from about 1950, until his death. "Bud" and "Kate" had two sons:
(a) Earnest Carlton (2 July 1912-27 March 1975) first married Mary Estes and later Lola Weeks.
(b) John Minos Carlton (22 Oct 1914) married Lucy Parrish (born 20 Feb 1920), daughter of Walter lee Parrish and Tommie Tucker Owen. John and Lucy had two children: Judy Catherine Carlton (born 8 April 1943) and Carol Ann Carlton (Born 18 Aug 1947), and has one child, John Carlton Perry.

4 Irvin Lee Carlton (21 March 1892-30 Dec 1968) married Eula Maxwell (2 Oct 1889-28 Oct 1970) and had three children:
(a) Elizabeth Taylor Carlton, died an infant.
(b) Irvin Lee Carlton, Jr (born 5 Jan 1918) married Pauline Lester (born 7 Nov 1918), had one child, Paula lee Carlton. Later, He married Jean Lambert (born 1930) and they had one child, Leanne Carlton.

(c) Leila Mai Carlton(born 12 Dec 1927), married Oscar Kennedy, Jr (27 Sept 1924-21 April 1977). They had two children: David Randall Kennedy and Patricia Ann Kennedy. Leila Mai married second, Charles F Rust.

5 Nannies Vera Carlton (5 July 1897-30 July 1919).

6 M B (Minos Benajah) Carlton (born 23 Aug 1904) married Mary Alene Osteen (born 21 March 1905) one of twin daughters of Richard Woodruff Osteen Martha Roxanna Wallis, who lived adjoining the Rockvale School grounds on the North. . M B and Alene had two daughters:
(a) Ruby Doris Carlton (born 31 Jan 1928) married Steven Carlton Lane and had two children, Linda Ann Lane and Steven Carlton Lane, and they too have families.
(b) Mary Lorene Carlton (1 April 1935-9 July 1939)

7 Mary Carlton (born 23 Sept 1907) married Thomas Aaron Ralston (born 13 Oct 1904). Two children:
(a) Betty Jo Ralston, killed in an automobile accident in 1950.
(b) William Aaron Ralston (born 2 March 1939), married Eleanor Kathleen Frankl (born 30 Sept 1939) of German parentage. They have three children: Betty Ann Ralston married Joel T Tomlinson and have two children--Carolyn Ann and Sandra Lynn; William Thomas Ralston; Vivien Marlene Ralston.

8 Kirby Gordon Carlton (born 2 March 1911 died an infant at one month.

The Robert Benjamin (Bob) Carlton Family
Information by Kitty Carlton Williams,
Carmine Jackson and Fred Nance

Robert Benjamin (Bob) Carlton (15 May 1872-14 Oct 1937). son of Thomas Harrison Carlton Jr (1835-1918), and grandson of Thomas Harrison (corn ca 1785) married 28 Nov 1894, Tabatha Elizabeth Lamb (born 6 Oct 1869). They had five children:

1 Willie Harris Carlton (28 Nov 1895-14 March 1920) married Mamie Adams. They had one daughter, Martha Jo Carlton, Willie died during the influenza epidemic after World War I.

2 Katherine (Kitty) Erminnie Carlton (Born 25 Feb 1898) married 25 May 1919, William Henry Wesley Williams (born 26 Oct 1895). One son, William Henry Wesley Williams Jr (born 16 April 1927).

3 Mary Josephine Carlton (12 Feb 1900-20 June 1963) married Carter McKnight and had two daughters: Mary Carter McKnight and Sue Katherine McKnight who married Lon Davidson.

4 Susie Gray Carlton (2 Sept 1902-17 Nov 1952) married Orion Dudley (Jack) Beasley.. They had one child: Elizabeth Ann Beasley.

5 Benjamin Franklin Carlton (born 3 Jan 1905) died an infant.

Following the death of Tabitha Elizabeth Lamb, Bob Carlton married a second time to Nancy Ashburn Whitworth (born 10 Dec 1880). To this union six children were born:
1 Clarence Luie Carlton (1905-1916)
2 Fannie Eva Carlton (1908-1951)
3 Gertrude Carlton (born 10 July 1910) married Alvis Stem. They had one son: William Monroe Stem, who married Juanita Hall.
4 Sanford Monroe Carlton (born 10 Nov 1913) married Mildred Manier. They had three children.
5 John Hubert Carlton (10 May 1917-16 July 1966) married Mattie Lovvorn.

6 James Robert Carlton (born 18 Dec 1921) married. Ruth Lemmons. Issue:
a Mary Aline Carlton (born 8 Aug 1939) married James L Lambert (born 16 Nov 1936) and have four children.
b Alice Fay Carlton (born 3 Sept 1940) married Harold Ralston (born 11 April 1936). They have six sons.
c James Robert Carlton Jr, the only son, died at age five.

After Bob Carlton's second wife died, he married Thenia Whitcomb Puckett, who died 14 Nov, 1958.

For many years, the Bob Carlton family home and farm was on the south side of the historic Versailles Knob. A granddaughter, Mary Aline Carlton Lambert, and her family live there at present (1982).

Ruth Lemmons Carlton, wife of James Robert Carlton, has operated the Versailles store since 1 Nov 1955; longer than any other merchant. 1