By John D Pinkerton

The first Swedish expedition sailed from Gottenberg late in 1637, under Peter Minuit, and landed on the Delaware early in the Spring 1638. It comprised a clergyman and 50 settlers. They purchased land from the Indians extending along the river as far up as the falls where Trenton is now situated. Thus, New Sweden began. Others came in 1641, and from time to time, although the total number never reached more than 1,000. The settlement prospered under succeeding Swedish governors.

The first member of the Morton family of Delaware County, Pa is to be found in the names attached to the Oath of Allegiance of the Swedes to the Dutch in 1655, where the name is spelled "Martin Martens".

Morton Mortonson, married in 1654 with the 10th Swedish Expedition and settled in Delaware County PA. He resided on his plantation at Ammesland in Ridley Township, then Chester (now Delaware) County, PA, and was living there along with his son Morton Mortonson Jr. who immigrated with his father.

Morton Mortonson Jr. and his wife Margaret had six children: David, Andrew, John, Mathews, Katherine and Margaret. John Morton married Mary Archer and died before the birth of their son, John in 1724. This son John was born in Ridley, Chester County, PA. He became a surveyor and acquired a knowledge of law, and was long in the Assembly, and its speaker in 1772-75. He was high sheriff of the county, 1766-70; in his later years, president-judge of common pleas court and a judge of the supreme court, as well as a member of the Continental Congress from its beginning in 1774. He cast his vote for the Declaration, thus committing his province to the Revolution. He helped frame the plan of confederation, but did not live to see it adopted, dying of yellow fever at his birthplace near Philadelphia.

Honorable John Morton married about 1743 to Anne Justis of Kingseeing, Philadelphia, and they had 12 children, of whom four sons and five daughters survived as follows:

1 George Morton born in 1745, married his cousin Sarah Morton and they moved to Virginia.
2 Aaron Morton, married Francis Armitt, issue three children: Benjamin Morton, John Morton, Mary Ann Morton.
3 Sketchley Morton
4 John Morton, M.D. was a surgeon in the Continental Army, and died a prisoner of war on the British ship "Falmouth".
5 Sarah Morton
6 Lydia Morton
7 Elizabeth Morton
8 Mary Morton
9 Ann Morton married Captain John Davis, a soldier in the Revolution and captain of the 9th Reg. PA. Line.

Jacob Morton, born 1787, moved to Bedford County, Tennessee in 1808. He married Anna Fisher in 1815, daughter of Machael Fisher, a soldier in the American Revolution. They had fifteen children. Nancy Morton, the sixth child, married Edward Whitworth and they had three children as follows:

1 Quinn Erastus Whitworth married India Pope, daughter of Matthew and ? Revel Pope. Eight children:

a Edward Whitworth died in infancy
b Will Whitworth married Kitty Smotherman.
c "Boss" Whitworth never married.
d Bytheny Whitworth married Tom Puckett.
e Nancy Whitworth married Robert Carlton.
f Florence Whitworth married Jose Pinkerton in 1903. They are the parents and grandparents of the Pinkertons living in the Rockvale, Versailles and Link area. (See Pinkerton.)
g Noah Whitworth died at age seven.
h Charlie Whitworth married Bessie Dill.

2 Martha Ann Whitworth, never married.

3 Benjamin Whitworth, never married. 1