By Gladys Farris

The Wheeler family came to Rutherford Co. about 1800 on a land grant. As the children grew, some moved into Bedford Co. where Amos was born in 1901.

One of the sons, Thomas, b 1790 in SC, married Ca 1808, Martha Miller, a sister to Nathaniel Miller, buried in the Beasley Church Cemetery on Franklin-Murfreesboro Rd. The Miller children were orphans of Joseph Miller of England. They had Children: John W Wheeler, William B Wheeler, Anna M Wheeler, Nathaniel Wheeler, Mary B Wheeler, David Jones Wheeler, and Jessie M Wheeler.

Nathaniel M Wheeler (25 Sept 1815-5 March 1894) married Mary Pressgrove (16 Oct 1814-13 1877), daughter of Andrew and Anna B Pressgrove of Bedford Co. Issue: Zelphia Wheeler, Michael Wheeler, Fannie Wheeler, Temperance Wheeler, Darling Wheeler, Pinkney Wheeler, Loutishe Wheeler, Cancissioda Wheeler, Mary Caldonia Wheeler. Nathaniel married second, Rody Russell and had one child, Nannie Wheeler.

Darling Wheeler (11 Aug 1851-7 Feb 1940) married 30 Nov 1871, Chloe Tennessee Potts (30 Dec 1855-21 June 1916). Chloe was the granddaughter of Thomas and Ruthie Hendrix Jackson and the great-granddaughter of Francis and Elizabeth Childress Jackson of Versailles. Issue: Ruthie Isabelle Wheeler, Riley Jennings Wheeler, Mary Caldonia Wheeler, Leola Wheeler, George Miller Wheeler.

Riley Jennings Wheeler ( 28 Feb 1875-29 March 1954) married 2 Aug 1894, Margaret Elizabeth Green (22 Aug 1875-29 March 1940), daughter of Samuel Moses and Sarah Pinkerton Green. They resided in Eagleville from 1906 until their deaths. Riley had a grocery store and went about the countryside with his peddling wagon. Issue: Jeannette Gertrude Wheeler, Amos McKinley Wheeler..

Amos McKinley Wheeler (19 Sept 1901-30 March 1982), married 24 July 1921, Effie Frances Davis (27 July 1895-14 May 1982), daughter of James Thomas and Phebe Ann King Davis (see Gillespie family). Issue: Gladys Ann Wheeler, Ruby Elizabeth Wheeler.

Amos hauled rails by wagon to Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. He continued at this until 1924 when he joined Owen Tobacco Factory in Eagleville. In 1930 he purchased a farm near Versailles and from 1930-1934 drove a school bus to Rockvale High School. From 1934 until his death he was a full- fledged farmer.

Gladys Ann Wheeler, b 17 March 1923, married 20 April 1946, Lemuel Fount Farris, b 14 Aug 1921 (see Farris family). Issue: Shirley Frances Farris, b 11 Sept 1949, married 16 Oct 1976, Paul Williams Nelson with issue: Clifford Fount Nelson, b 10 Sept 1978; Deborah Elizabeth Wheeler, b 31 July 1954, married 28 July 1972, Willie Herman Bryant, with issue; David Michael Bryant, b 25 Jan 1978, and Clint Farris , b 30 Jan 1982. 1