By Houston Brown, Jimmie D Hale, Spence Bible
and other family members

James David Williams, born 1758, in Scotland, died 1833, in Bedford Co., TN, immigrated to Virginia in 1766, in care of a German couple, and is the ancestor of most of the Versailles and Tenth District Williams of Rutherford Co., TN. Unless the Rev. James Williams and brother, Joseph Williams families tie together prior to immigration, James and David Williams is not related, as James David immigrated much later than these two families.

James David Williams' known children, all born in VA, were:

1 Nancy Williams, born 1790, married John G Smotherman, born 1785.
2 William Benjamin Williams, Sr, born 1786, first thought to have married Stacey George from London, next married Nancy Manley on 7 Jan 1810. These children will be taken up later.
3 Enoch Williams, no further information.
4 Mary Williams, married Lewis Smotherman.

William Benjamin Williams, Sr, son of James David Williams and Nancy Manley, had three known children:

1 James (Jimmie) Granderson Williams, born in Brunswick Co., VA, in 1812, married 11 June 1836, Phoebe Spence (7 Oct 1820-7 March 1897). Their children were: Ada, Elizabeth Jane, Nannie, William Nelson and Enoch. Enoch was killed in the Civil War and buried in Marietta GA.
2 William (Billie) Williams, born 1813 in VA, married 3 March 1836, Levesta (Nesty) __?__, born 1821, and lived west of Midland.
3 Benjamin Williams, Jr (3 April 1827-1901), married 21 Sept 1846, Mary C Smotherman (29 Oct 1830-1874), daughter of Samuel Smotherman and Levina Aldrich. The thirteen known children were:

a John A Williams, b 11 Dec 1847, married Arnie Spence, had two children, Charlie and Pearlie, and was the Midland store merchant after first starting a store at Link.
b Mary V Williams, b 22 June 1850, married John Bell Williams, her first cousin, and had seven children:

(1) Charles Houston Williams (Tom and Oden Williams' father).
(2) Will Williams (Richard A (Dicky) Williams' father). (See Carlton Family.)
(3) Ben O Williams operated store in rural Bedford Co. At Pottsville.
(4) Edgar L Williams, a preacher.
(5) Andrew Williams, married Willie White, a relative of the College Grove Whites.
(6) Virgie Williams married Will Frasier and three more times after Will Frasier's death. Among the Frasier children are: Floyd, Willa, Bessie, and Nettie. Bessie is Nathan and WR Covington's mother. (See Covington family.) Nettie is RA (Dickie) Williams' first wife and Willie Floyd Williams' mother. (7) Johnie Williams.

c David E Williams, married Marcie Williams, his first cousin, and moved to TX.
d Nancy E Williams, born 19 Dec 1853, married Bud Smotherman. Their children:

(1) Mary Smotherman married Billy Westbrooks.
(2) Martha Smotherman married Walden Lamb.
(3) Alice Smotherman married Greely Smotherman.
(4) Dave Smotherman
(5) Palmer Smotherman married Lissie Holden.
(6) Candace Smotherman married jape Morton.

e James M Williams, b 6 Sept 1855, married Safronia Turner and had issue: B Williams; Daisy Williams, Eunice Stacy Williams (Anita Holden Nance's grandmother) married Knox Hutchinson; Clay Williams and Clifford Williams. James M Williams married a second and third time.
f Lucinda C Williams, b 24 Jan 1858, first married Charley Crear and had issue: Caroline Crear. Lucinda next married John A Carlton, his second, and had seven children (see the John A Carlton).
g Benjamin F Williams first married Daisy Bowman and had issue: Mamie and Alvin Williams. Benjamin next married Maggie Card and their child is Annie Ruth Williams.
h Melissa E Williams married Henry Heath. Their children are Martha Jean Heath, Fronie Heath and Annie Heath.
i Martha J Williams married King Heath.
j William (Bill) Houston Williams (11 May 1866-15 Jan 1845), married 7 Nov 1887, Ida Novella Wright (20 Feb 1867-6 March 1942) of Nashville, who had been a visitor in the Charlie Gordon home near Christiana. Although Ida Wright had not been reared on a farm, she quickly adjusted to farm life. The first home of Bill and Ida Williams was in the Link-Christiana community. They became the parents of nine children, eight of whom reached adulthood:

(1) Novella Williams married Ed Allen.
(2) Emmett Williams married first, Willie Robinson with issue: Robert Williams: married second, Bess Maxwell.
(3) Buford Williams married Effie McGee.. Issue 5 children: Margaret Williams married Herbert Bowling; James Williams; Russell Williams; William Williams; Buford Donnell Williams.
(4) Leila Williams married Frank Brown. 8 children: Lorain Brown; Polly Brown; Houston Brown; Ida Brown; Clara Belle Brown; Virginia Brown; Jim Brown, Homer Brown.
(5) Blanton Williams married Irene Comer. 4 children: Grace Williams, Martha Williams, Louis Williams, Betty Williams.
(6) Mary Williams married Joe Leathers. 2 children; Edna Leathers and Ruth Leathers.
(7) Julia Williams married Robert Hayes. 5 children: William Hayes, Eugene Hayes, Dorris Hayes, Ruth Joy Hayes.
(8) Clara Williams first married, Jack Holden. 2 children: one died an infant, the other, Jack Holden, Jack is now President of Murfreesboro Bank and Trust Co. Clara's second marriage was to Samuel Black Wade.

Around 1894 Bill and Ida Williams bought a home and farm of their own. This farm is located about one half mile of Versailles on the left side of Longview Pike as one travels south. This farm joins the Nance property and is still called the "Bill Williams Farm", although the comfortable home has been consumed by fire.

During 1917 Bill Williams was instrumental in helping establish the Rutherford County Cooperative Creamery in Murfreesboro. This business is still thriving today (1982) and noted for its top quality Magnolia butter and for various kinds of cheese.

Bill Williams, at one time, was said to own more land in Rutherford County than any other landowner, although not the biggest tax payer. Near the end of his life, as he watched his expensive farming and dairying interests, he gave to each of his 8 children a hundred dollar bill for a Christmas present. Before his death he gave the homeplace to his wife and a farm to each of his eight children, all located within the Tenth Civil District of Rutherford County.
k Laura N Williams first married Charley David and second, Wood Cothan (see Cothan family).
l Julia S Williams.
m Alfred B Williams married Alice Gentry and had three children: Earnest Williams married Flora Wright; West Williams married Kitty Carlton (see Carlton family); and Jim T Williams married Mary Holden.

The following is NOT a part of the Varsailles book. It has been supplied by Jettie Williams. For further information on Enoch Williams' family, contact J. Williams

Enoch Williams and Elizabeth "Betsy" Burrough Clanton Perkins had four known children:

1.Madison "Matt" Monroe Williams (born April 15, 1827; died January 19, 1899) wed Sarah Anne Tune on December 9, 1853; her parents were John Tune and Mary "Molly/Polly" Cooper. He was a farmer.
Matt and Sarah had 15 children.

1.Charles Franklin Williams, born February 05, 1855; died August 14, 1926. Charles married Margaret E. Gregory on October 01, 1879. Charles was a farmer in Cave City, KY. Charles and Margaret had one daughter.

2.John Enoch Williams, born February 05, 1856; died November 02, 1913. John married Mollie Knott. John had the grocery on the northeast corner of Public Square in Shelbyville, TN until his death. John and Mollie are buried in Willow Mount Cem., Shelbyville, TN.

3.Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Williams, born September 14, 1857; died December 15, 1933. Married to Volney S. Parsons. Betty and Volney are buried in Willow Mount Cem., Shelbyville, TN. They had two sons.

4.Marilda (Marildy) Jane Williams, born August 28, 1859; died August 22, 1886. Married to Dooley Pate. Their two sons, Edward and Fred Pate, died young. All four family members are buried in the Williams Cem. on Hickory Hill Road, Bedford CO, TN. Marilda was a schoolteacher.

5.William Thomas Williams, born February 02, 1861; died September 29, 1887; buried in the Williams Cem. on Hickory Hill Road, Bedford CO, TN. Not married. He was a Baptist minister.

6.George Peyton Williams, born November 05, 1862; died May 30, 1929. George was pastor of North Fork Baptist, also El Bethel Baptist (Bedford CO, TN) around 1900-03 before moving to CA. Was pastor Glenn Baptist in Glenn, CA at the time of his death (he was killed by a Jersey bull). First marriage to Ella Wheeler (born February 02, 1862; died October 30, 1918). Second marriage to Eula Brown Epps. George and Ella had four children.

7.James Henry "Big Jim" Williams, born April 13, 1864; died December 13, 1932. Married on December 27, 1899 to Mary "Mollie" Priscilla Ann Scott (born September 17, 1872 in Scottsboro, AL; died April 07, 1962), whose parents were Robert Thomas Scott and Nancy Jane Kennamer. Big Jim was Sheriff of Bedford County, TN 1914-15. The family moved in 1922 from Tennessee to Linden, Marengo CO, AL where they had a 300-acre farm. Big Jim and Mollie had six children.

8.Evaline "Eva" Frances Williams, born December 21, 1865; died August 14 1899. Eva was a schoolteacher who taught in Midland, Rutherford CO, TN.

9.Emmett Madison Williams, born May 29, 1867; died January 29, 1934. Married on 11 23, 1899 to Ollie Turrentine. They had five children.

10.Lewis Cooper Williams, born December 1868; died June 05, 1930. Lewis was a farmer.

11.Mattie Malinda Williams, born July 11, 1870; died April 23, 1899. Married in December 1897 to R. A. Rushing. She was a schoolteacher. Their baby was born April 1899 and died five months later.

12.Samuel Bell Williams, born August 25, 1872; died August 18, 1970. He was a farmer.

13.Sarah Ann/Anna/Annie Williams, born March 22, 1874; died June 23, 1971. Married to Will Jackson, a doctor. She was a nurse.

14.Robert Tune Williams, born August 16, 1876; died May 02, 1877; buried in the Williams Cem. on Hickory Hill Road, Bedford CO, TN.

15.Jarmon Whitman Williams, born November 09, 1879; died January 04, 1966. First marriage in 1907 to Alice Hines. Second marriage on November 17, 1942 to Florence Coverdale Wakner. Jarmon was a farmer.

2.Martha H. Williams (born March 8, 1829) wed Robert "Bob" McAdams who died of illness during the Civil War; they had five children. She remarried to William "Uncle Billie" Tatum, a widower with two children.

Martha and Bob's five children are:

1.Sam McAdams
2.Emmit McAdams, died as a child of smallpox, after the Civil War
3.George McAdams
4.John McAdams, died as a child of smallpox, after the Civil War
5.Frank McAdams, died as a child of smallpox, after the Civil War

3.Frances "Fanny" Wills Williams (born March 26, 1831; died December 17, 1864) wed to Robert Bailey Freeman, a Baptist minister organizing El Bethel Church before the Civil War in 1855. Robert was El Bethel's first pastor. Frances was killed by Civil War soldiers who were taking horses from her and her husband's property.

Frances and Robert's five children are:

1.Mary Almeda Freeman, died 1863.
2.Franklin Perkins Freeman, born 1850; died 1858.
3.Hardin Wills Freeman, born January 31, 1858; died after 1940. Married to Henry C. McQuiddy. They had five children.
4.Robert "Bobbie" Rothchild Freeman, died 1863.
5.Richard Russell Freeman, born July 11, 1863; died May 09, 1901. Married to Ida Massey on January 23, 1895.

4.Enoch George Williams (born July 23, 1835; died June 12, 1909), a doctor. First marriage to Sallie Hetter; they had two children. Second marriage to Gurtrude Elizabeth Chism (died 1883); they had four children.

Enoch and Sallie's five children are:

1.Fannie Williams, who died at age 2-1/2
2.Josie Williams

Enoch and Gurtrude's four children are:

1.Mary Burrough Williams, born 1875; died November 23, 1964.
2.John Bell Williams
3.Clarence Williams
4.Claudist Williams

My name is Scott Harlow Williams Scott Williams and was directed to your Williams web page and to your Home Page (Heartland/Acres/6038) by a cousin, Jette Williams. Are you aware of the genealogy book Westbrooks-Williams and Related Smothermans of Rutherford County, Tennessee (306 pages - $14.50)? It was published by Leona Smotherman, P.O. Box 35, Rockvale, TN 37153, 615-274-6448 in 1984 and quite an extensive work. The correlating work that is referenced in the Westbrook-Williams work is the book published by Lawrence D. Williams in 1983 titled "The Family of Enoch Williams and Elizabeth Burrough Clanton, 1797-1983 (32 pages - $10)." This volume is the source of the information Jette submitted to you for the family of Enoch Williams on your Williams web page. If you would like Lawrence's book, I can supply his address, just let me know. Best regards, Scott H. Williams Las Vegas, NV 1