In Memory of Clayton Sechrist

February 1, 1980 to February 20, 1996

Words that family and friends used to describe Clayton......artist... humble...funny... character...friend...gentle...kind... humorist...helpful...and the most used..."creative".

Tupperwear lids being train wheels as a toddler, paper clip sculptures, unusual guitar music, original cartoons and drawings...all equal Clayton...creative Clayton. Clayton had his own unique way of doing things and living in this world. We will always miss you Clayton...your beautiful smile... your laughter...your zest for life.

Clayton's final gift on this earth was organ donation. 42 people are living healthier lives as a result. The heart recipient said, "When people ask me where my heart came from, I tell them it's a gift from God. It is! It came from one of God's angles."

Watch over us Clayton.

Other Memories of Clayton

Music is an expression of someone's soul, something as spiritual as one's personal faith. Anyone who has found himself or herself following a creative path will attest to the long hours, and sometimes struggle, associated with attaining their musical and artistic goals. Clayton was one of those people, a creative young man on a journey that only music can take you on. We would regularly joke about the fact that each week, as his lesson began, he would have to retune his guitar due to his fondness for experimenting with what are referred to as alternate tunings, tunings often used by musicians to break free of musical cliché's. Musically, Clayton was a tinkerer of sorts. He liked to explore different musical ideas, tunings, effects processing, rhythm, and even noise to create a musical landscape. Much like many well known guitarists, I believe Clayton saw music more in shades of color than in notes or theoretical concepts. Clayton and I studied many varied topics together, the music of Hendrix, discussions and exercises about jazz and blues, songs by bands from Sonic Youth to Nirvana. Clayton seemed to approach each idea with the same level of enthusiasm.

I will always remember him, not only as I have lost a good student, but also because I have lost a fellow guitarist and, a good friend. Mostly I will miss his laugh, a laugh I heard quite often as I described the more amusing side of being a working musician. He and I shared a lot of laughs and a lot of music along the way, and Clayton will always remind me of why I teach. I ask the Lord to bring Clayton into his grace, and to keep him till we meet again.

Charles Newman


In the summer of heaven
the angels shed

A downy snow for souls
and the winter halos

Warm their heads
glowing in the cold.

When the budding wings
of spring sow the greens

Of growing , through to fall
they gather all and

Beat their hearts to overflowing.
Deep in my skin

They breathe me in
their frost can melt

A mountain.

-Bonnie Sears-

The following clips were taken from an article that appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which was titled - "Organ Donations Pass on Love of Life"

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