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More Ancestors!

I wanted to show some more pictures of ancestors on my Mother's (Dorothy June Bates) side of the family tree, but this branch isn't as clearly defined at my Dad's (Arthur A. Ulmer) side.

I set up this little table to help with who is who.

Bates, George W.
    b.21 Nov 1851
    d.22 Mar 1916
    George Bates Jr
    Bruce A. Bates
    Lloyd Bates
    b.?? Nov 1826
    d.02 Jun 1901
Matilda Harris
    b. 1831
    d. 1868
    Lizzie M. Menzies
Bates, Bruce A.
    b.01 Mar 1893
    d.28 Jan 1934
    Dorothy J.Bates
    Bruce A. Bates Jr.
George W. Bates Lizzie M. Menzies
    Dorothy I. Martin
Bates, Dorothy June
    b.25 Jun 1917
    Sandy Ulmer
    Laura Jean Ulmer
Bruce A. Bates Dorothy I. Martin
    Arthur A. Ulmer
    Albert M. Medaris
Martin, Dorothy I.
    b.14 Jul 1896
    d.09 Jul 1979
    Dorothy J. Bates
    Bruce A. Bates Jr.
George W. Martin Minnie A. Wooldridge
    Bruce A. Bates
    Harry B. Reeder
Menzies, Lizzie M.
    b.04 May 1860
    d.23 Jan 1919
    George Bates Jr.
    Bruce A. Bates
    Lloyd Bates
James Menzies
    b.25 Jul 1820
    d.13 Sep 1883
Parthenia E. Miller
    b.25 Apr 1831
    d.?? Jun 1862
    George W. Bates
Wooldridge, Minnie A.
    02 Jul 1875
    09 Sep 1940
    b.14 Oct 1852
    d.03 Aug 1918
Dora Hemmer
    b.29 Apr 1852
    d.28 Oct 1923
    George W. Martin
    Melville M. Fowler

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