John Gorm Stewart
~ Great Grandson of Robert the Bruce ~

(The following was sent to me by James Irvine Robertson of Aberfeldy Perthshire)

"The nobles resented King James I's determined effort to enforce the law
and make his government respected and obeyed everywhere,
and a movement against the king was led by those nearest the throne -
the old Earl of Atholl and his grandson Sir Robert Stewart,
and Sir Robert Graham, uncle to the absent Menteith.

During the night of 20th February 1437, Graham, with Stewart and a large following,
broke into the royal apartments in the Blackfriars at Perth,
and murdered James, escaping during the uproar which followed.

They fled to what was then described as the country of the "Wild Scottes,"
but the Queen, profiting by the reaction in favour of her young son,
had them pursued and captured within a month.

Sir Robert Graham, found hiding near Blair
was taken by
John Gorm STEWART & Robert DUNCANSON - Robert Riabhach,
(Robert was the 4th chief of Clan Donnachaidh)

John Gorm STEWART, ancester of the Stewarts of Garth,
is on record as receiving an exchequer grant of £66 13s. 4d.,
while Robert obtained more lasting benefits.

In 1451, when James II came of age, he rewarded Robert
by erecting his lands
into the Barony of Struan,
which gave him considerable added power and prestige -
the charter stating that it was granted for
"the love and favour which we bear to the said Robert Duncansone
for the capture of that most vile traitor the late Robert the Graham."

In addition to this charter, the heirs of Robert DUNCANSON
have borne on their coat of arms two reminders of this famous capture -
the crest showing a hand supporting a crown, and, an

unusual feature, on the compartment below the shield lies "a wild man chained."

"Besides being heir to Garth & Fortingall,
John Gorm STEWART had so much land on the Garry
that Gilchrist Taylor,
the poet who celebrated the hunting down of the conspirators,
called the Garry,

'John Gorm died honourably upon Midsummer Day, 1443
on the North Inch of Perth
fighting along with the Sheriff of the county in defence of law and justice,
against an audacious band of thieves, who made a strong and almost successful attempt
to kill the Sheriff and rescue a thief who had been condemned to the gallows.'

John Gorm STEWART was my 13X great grandfather!!


Blair Atholl ~ Home of my Highland Scottish Stewarts
Stewarts of Duntanlich ~ Royal Connection of the 'Illegitimate Ilk'
Lady Marjorie Bruce ~ Princess of Scotland & Daughter of Robert the Bruce
Neil Gointe Stewart ~ Laird of Garth Castle/Grandson of John Gorm