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As a youngster I used to play with the old scrap book album of my Gran, little realising their value, be it financial or as a social historical document. I certainly never believed I would be able to share them with the world.

As a young girl in the late Victorian age, my Gran would play with these. It seems that they would be bought a little at a time, perhaps somewhat like a collector may collect "X Files" cards today. They would be on a perforated sheet and would be either cut out or pushed out, and then stuck into an album. The old album contains hundreds of pictures. Many subjects would be covered, pets, Christmas, folk stories, children, toys, shops, trades people, customs...all captured in that typical and innocent style so typical of what we today see as "Victorian."

In the gallery below are large scans of all the ones above, plus many others. Some are as small as 30k, others are 400k. Generally speaking, the bigger the file, the more wonderful the image. There are no weak images here, they are all good, except some are more wonderful than others. On many you will see parts of other images that have been scanned alongside the main subject. When you print these images, just cut them out as Victorian children would have done, or use an art package to touch the unwanted bits out. Enjoy. All are scanned at 1:1 i.e. they are full size, but all but one below A4. Remember, be patient as these download, they are scanned to a high quality and will look superb.


Three cats on a Christmas Card illustrated above

A Parrot

Bo Peep illustrated above

Boy and Girl illustrated above

Boy and Mirror illustrated above

Girl and Mirror illustrated above







Tea grocer


A Peacock

Punch and Judy

Santa Claus on his Sleigh


A Rose of Love illustrated above

An Angel

Another Angel


Another Boy


A Child

Another Child

Child Head 1........2........3.........4.............5

Three Heads

A Horse

Another Horse

Sailor Boy

Red Riding Hood

bits and pieces

A bowl of fruit/flowers 1.........2..........3...........4.............5

Two Children

Girl Angel


Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Story of Cinderella

this is best described as a look at racism.....aimed at children, thank God times have changed

another similar

another similar

It is shocking to see these, especially as I was "fed" these as a child in the 1950`s

A New Year card

A Christmas card

A Cat in a Christmas card

A New Year card

A Cat in a shoe Christmas card

A Christmas card

This is a stunning image of a Victorian Christmas as I`m sure you will agree. However the sides and bottom are cut off....the Angel`s wings and feet. Therefore I have scanned it in two halves, top and bottom and then you can image stitch them back together again (click on the links)....it is absolutely superb. However if you are happy with it as it is , click on it to have an original size version.

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