Welcome to the bird book room.

Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot

By Mattie Sue Athan

My Parrot, My Friend

by Bonnie Munro Boane & Thomas Qualkinbush

The Colored Atlas of Lovebirds

by Dr. Alessandro D'Angieri

The New Australian Parakeet Handbook

by Matthew M. Vriends

The New Cockatiel Handbook

by Matthew M. Vriends

Birds on the Couch : The Bird Shrink's Guide to Keeping Polly from Going Crackers and You Out of the Cuckoo's Nest

by Ruth Hanessian, Wendy Bounds

That Quail, Robert

by Margaret A. Stanger

This is the true story of a bobwhite quail who lives her entire life with a human family. The book will appeal to bird lovers, because the quail is SO personable, and the book captures the "human" quality of a tame bird so well.

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