Bird Pix

Here are some pictures of my birds. I'll think up something more clever to say here later.


This is Lady Holmes, the elective mute. She can speak but chooses not to. Not all African Greys will be talkers!


This is Dolci, a sweet Nanday conure. Conures are said to be loud, but Dolci only squawks to announce things, such as arrivals and departures of her humans.


Meet Chauncey, the Moluccan cockatoo. He is a survivor of Hurricane Andrew, and suffered post-traumatic stress from it for some time. Cockatoos are very snuggly and very excitable. Chauncey can be the best or worst bird in the house, depending on his mood.

love bird babies 1

These baby lovebirds are hand-fed to make them tame and bonded to humans. They will make very cuddly, friendly pets. These babies are all from one clutch and hatched one every second day. Note the differences in development between the older and younger birds.


Some of the smaller members of the flock, hanging out on a favorite perch.


Sirrus, another african grey, is a good talker with a great deal of dignity. Yes, she IS looking down her beak at you.

cuddles at her nestbox

This is Cuddles, a.k.a. Fang. She is sweet and snuggly away from her cage, but when she's in her cage, she will try to bite your lips off. It's amazing the damage a little bird can do! After drawing blood, she will say, "Gimme Kiss!"

older lovebird babies

These baby lovebirds still have their baby coloring.

baby button quail

There's hardly anything cuter than baby button quail. Unlike members of the parrot family, button quail hatch ready to walk and eat on their own.

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