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Hi! We're Pierre and Precious.
Our Mom and Dad think we are gorgeous and spoil us rotten; as well they should.

Pierre's Biography
Breed: Pomeranian
Color: Red
Gender: Male
Born: September 1996
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Favorite things to do: Play with Precious, chase blowing leaves, harass the cat, lay on Mommy or Daddy, bark at every noise or movement outside my home, take Precious' rawhide away from her, be a pain in the behind (boys will be boys)
Worst experience: Broke my little right front leg in May 1997; Any flying bug in the house!

Precious' Biography
Breed: Pomeranian
Color: Blonde
Gender: Female
Born: June 1991
Weight: 5.6 pounds
Favorite things to do: Chew on my rawhide, chase birds 'til I choke myself on my leash, harass the cat, sleep next to Daddy, keep Pierre in line, be a sweet baby
Worst experience: Any thunderstorm!

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Daddy bought a new digital camera to take pictures of us, so please come back and
visit us soon to see more pictures of us.

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The Pomeranian Alphabet
Pis for Personality
O is for Outgoing
Mis for Movement
Eis for Expression
R is for the Rewards
A is for Animation
N is for No-one can beat me
I is for Intelligence
A is for Arrogance
N is for Naughty, but Nice.
Who owns who... We know... Do you...

Source: Amorea Kennels of Australia

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