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Hi I'm Wanda Qualls.
I am married to Jim Qualls. We live in the great state of Texas.

My interests are:
Genealogy, Gardening, Fishing, Reading, Traveling and Computors. They aren't always in that order. My Husband's interests are Golf and Fishing. I have five children, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

My Surnames are: Frantzen (Gillespie County, Texas), Schumann (Guadalupe County, Texas and Gillespie County), Novian (Gillespie County), Heinemann (Gillespie County, Texas), Schupp (Gillespie County, Texas, Hency (Comal County, Texas, Jung (Comal County, Texas), Bell (Tennessee, Sidwell (Illinois), Smith (Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas), Mason (England, Kansas), Brown (South Carolina, Missouri), Spilner (Gillespie County, Texas), Betz (Germany) and Armstrong (England)

I am researching the following names. Some are my family and some are for other persons I have done research for.


I will be adding more names from my Data Base. If you have a name from the Gillespie or Comal County area in the 1850-1860 time frame let me know. It should be in my data base. I will add it to the names I now have. If you want to add to one of my trees send a ged file. I'm always looking for branches for the trees I have listed here. Most of my information came from the census, Pioneers in Gods Hills Vol 1 & 2, The Kirchen-Buch, Friedhoff Cemetery, Here's Harper 1 & 2, The Bremers and Their Kin in Germany and in Texas and information from other family members or the people I did research for.

Also since information came from other sources that were sent to me the information may not be correct so it is wise to check to make sure the information is correct. This is intended to help find information. I welcome corrections to the family trees.

I do look ups for Gillespie County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, Blanco County, Mason County, Kimble County Web Sites. I am the Host to these Texas Counties. I have added Naturalization Records, Marriage Records, Obituraries, Death and Birth indexes, Cemetery Records, 1850 census and a lot of other information on these sites. I also have a Qualls and a Frantzen Surname Page

E-mail me at:Wanda Qualls

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My Aunt Betty Alexander was the person who got me interested in genealogy. I have met many cousins on the internet. They have added to my tree and to them I wish to say "Thanks"

Please come back soon.