Roses for Rachel
This simple page is dedicated to my beautiful, lovely wife, Rachel. I have only given her roses a few times in the years we have been together, but I have always given them with sincerity. Below are what these 13 roses symbolize. There are a dozen red roses and one yellow rose.
LOVE - Simple and powerful, I love you and I give my life to you.
AFFECTION - This is how I feel when you are leaning on me. This is the closeness I feel toward you.
RESPECT - I respect you, your thoughts and emotions, needs and wants.
SACRIFICE - I will sacrifice whatever's necessary to keep our bond eternal.
LOYALTY - You are the only one for me. You always will be.
HONOR - I am honored to be your husband and to have you as my wife.
COURTESY - As a show of my gratitude I will always be courteous to you.
DEDICATION - I dedicate my time and energy to supporting you physically and emotionally.
ROMANCE - That cold night in front of a fireplace on a bearskin rug, holding you close.
VIRTUE - You are so precious, I will never do anything that will harm your virtue and purity.
KINDESS - Thank you for your kindness. I will always return it, but you are so much better at it than I.
DEVOTION - More commonly known as 'whupped'. That's me and I'm proud of it, I can think of no one better to devote myself.
FRIENDSHIP - This is the glue that holds them all together. You are my best friend, my eternal friend. I confide in you, I trust in you. I laugh with you and cry with you.
Love, your friend and
companion always,