To My Children's Page!

This page is dedicated to my 3 wonderful little blessings, now we have 4! And so, with that change I have decided to slowly give each child their own page...come back and check it out as I work!

Our oldest is 11 some of her interests are: quilting, baking and trying new crafts- especially making her own stationary with stamps. She is also able to continue quilting again this year with her 4-H group. She completed her third 8 inch square hand sewn quilt and is now waiting to begin her 4th which will be a Sunbonnet Sue. Our daughter expresses great interest in teaching people to sign. How exciting to see our 1st baby growing up!

Our second child is a boy: He is still my major investigator, which may explain why his favorite series of books are the Magic School Bus books, second would be The Peter Rabbit Series(he loves the pictures and the details!). He also loves insects, his bug-box, digging and building. He loves helping me in the garden, especially when we can get some good radishes(his favorite)! Right now we begining his 2nd season as a soccer player, he just loves it and is part of a wonderful youth league. Our son has expressed an interest in being a landscape architect- that is after I read a story, showed pictures and described what one does! He still has great plans of following what he beleives in God's leading in becoming a missionary.

Our third child is another girl: She is our entertainer. With this child, everything is a performance! Such dramatics! But, she is also a very sweet and loving little girl. Her favorite books are the Winnie the Pooh Pop-Up books, (the older and more original Pooh, not the new stuff)! I must add that she has huge goals in life, she has set her sites on becoming a princess!? I haven't a clue as to homeschooling a future princess, so if any of you might have suggestions please feel free to let me know! LOL! She also loves pink, anything and everything pink....I wanted to update this area but really she hasn't changed that much...the princess thing is still in her future according to her!?

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