Welcome to My Sewing Page!

I feel that I should tell you, although I really enjoy sewing, I still consider myself very, very average. So please don't expect expertise advise and tips, maybe some good sites that have tips....but none of my own...Really! I am just a mom who loves sewing clothes for my children as much as I love learning new techniques and ideas and discussing them with friends.

So, get a cup of Herbal Tea and explore some more!

Now I must take a moment to say a huge "Thank You" to the lady who had enough patience to show me how to sew and gave me a great foundation in sewing(and cooking).

To my eighth grade, home-ec teacher: Mrs. Howse. THANK YOU!

I absolutly love being able to sew beatiful jumpers and dresses for my girls. The ability to chose the fabrics with the girls is just the best! We are not stuck with the colors or styles that are "in", infact, we don't even like what the current styles usually are..so we stick with what is pretty, and then Dad approves too!

I also take great joy in dressing my children well for so much less compared to store prices. While it is quite simple to find dress, jumper, and pajama patterns for girls, I have great difficulties with finding patterns for my son. The only thing that I can sew with my experience is a couple vests for church and some simple shorts. I have felt very limited with my son's wardrobe.

I was so very pleased last spring when I decided that with my thrify shopping, I could give the children the choice between "new" or handmade Easter clothes. To my great surprise they all cheered for handmade! That seemed to really surprise my hubby, who thought that they had always just acted pleased with a new dress or vest for my sake. I must admitt, I gave me the confidence and pleasure of wanting to do more.

This year I will be making their spring/summer dresses again, I can't wait!

Just in case you are a basicly a beginner like me, a tip that I do have is: Go to your local Walmart or Ames and check out the patterns that they have for $1.49 or $1.99. The reason that they are so cheep,(I think) is that there is only one or two styles and the sizes you can cut are limited. I have found that these are better to use for your first couple of projects. This way, should you make a mistake cutting it or find out that you can't sew for beans, you have lost limited money. I also use these for my children because they grow fast and I have no clue as to altering a pattern yet. Hope this Helps!

My one sore spot is BUTTON HOLES! I can not do them AT ALL! I have a sewing machine that was my grandmother's when she was a seamstress and she worked with fine linens and silks. The machine itself is really durable and has all kinds of extras, including that darn button hole thing. I just can't figure out how to do it. The machine came with no instruction book and I have been unable to find one. As of now, I sew buttons on the front of the vests and dresses where they would be if it was buttoned, and I sew clasps inside to be used! One time I even hid velcro for my son's vest. I am very good at improvising, as you can see.

Now, I really need all of the help I can get on this one too! I am trying to find as many sewing links as possible. The criteria is that they have really good tips, lessons, or ideas.

So, if you know of a site, please send me a note

This is a few of the sites that I have been able to find:

"Elizabeth Lee Designs"

"Nancy's Notions"