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This site is dedicated to the history and laws relating to land in the 15 counties of Florida located west of the Tallahassee Meridian.   The site includes information on all Federal land patent grants in West Florida and county maps showing the locations of the grants.   Grantee name indexes are provided for every county, as well as a combined index for all 15 counties.   In addition, the patent grants are displayed in geographical order in the Reconstructed Tract Books, which is helpful in identifying relatives and in-laws of ancestors.   The site also includes cemetery locations on the county maps, historical maps and discussions of historical and land related topics.   This is a continuing project, and the site will be updated from time to time with new additions.

Because of the extensive immigration of residents of southern Alabama to West Florida, a link is connected to the companion series entitled South of the Road - Alabama South of the Old Federal Road

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New - Companion Series dedicated to the land and history of that part of Alabama south of the Old Federal Road - South of the Road
Please note that Alabama maps and land information previously on this site have been moved to the new site.

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County Maps Showing Townships, Ranges, Sections and Cemeteries
Bay Calhoun Escambia Franklin Gadsden
Gulf Holmes Jackson Leon Liberty
Okaloosa Santa Rosa Wakulla Walton Washington



Speciality Maps
Walton County Map with US Geological Survey Quadrangles Superimposed - Map
Jackson County Map at Alabama Border - Map
Maps of Fayette County - Maps
Map of Holmes County Showing 1861 Land Ownership - Map
Map of Okaloosa County Showing Historical County Changes - Map
1850 Walton County Map - Map
Map of Gadsden and Leon Counties showing Watson Line - Map



Land Ownership and Historical Information
West Florida Patent Index - Index to Reconstructed Federal Land Grants for West Florida
Homestead Act - Text and Summary of the Original Homestead Act of 1862
Slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation - A brief analysis of slave ownership in West Florida and its end
Names of Walton County - An analysis of names found in the 1860 Walton County Census, showing the most common surnames and the most popular first names
Watson Line - The History of the Watson Line and Georgia- Florida Border
Land System in Florida - Description of the land designation and surveying system
Forbes Tract - Short history and map of Forbes Tract
Links - Links To FLGenWeb Sites for West Florida Counties


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