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We've included some of the animated cat gifs that we have found on the web. There are more on the next page. Click on the title to view the animation. Feel free to download them for your use, but acknowledge the original artist (if noted). We are striving to determine the original artists for all of these animations so that they may receive credit for their work. Please read this before downloading.

Please do not link directly to the graphics on this page, but we would appreciate a link to this site if you find these graphics useful. If you find any other animations that we should add or any that should not be here, let us know.

black cat with wagging tail large blinking black & white cat running cartoon cat moving eyes and tongue on brown tabby cheetah running in place
skipping white cartoon cat with bow cheetah running-fast red kitten chasing a butterfly sleeping, scratching white kitten frolicking white kitten
cat on springs by Camilla Eriksson black cat moving tongue cat's got his tail by Coby Resnick take me kitten by Earl Randall Felix, the cool cat
rolling red cat scaredy cat by Margaret Krakowiak paws welcome to web site cat cat watching fish bowl by Sherri Cliff
all black running cat twirling dancing fluffy white cat by Pman the Magician strolling brown cat winking cat on a fence cat looking over a wall
black and white cat clock by Glenda Moore* tricolor cat grooming herself big orange and white cat licking his tail kitten in a basket by Glenda Moore* orange kitten with moving ball
active rolling tabby cat by Pman the Magician divider with cat and mice jungle eyes large orange blinking cat eyes black cat twitching his tail
Itchy getting pounded happy dancing tiger tiger with pogo stick for a tail neat sleeping red tabby not animated, but could this be a rare shot of a smiling Van?

* used with permission of the artist

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